Opening a Crack to Justice and Reparation

The list is nearly endless. So much corruption, so many lies, so many crimes that it is impossible to focus on all of it at once. Reduced to a manageable thought, our government has been stolen, taken over, and abused by the worst elements in our culture. Corruption is too small of a word, but seems to be the only adequate umbrella. From stealing elections and voter suppression, the outright treason of the Plame outing, torture on a massive organized scale, the imprisoning of Gov. Siegelman as a political act, to the most basic lie based War Crime of pre-emptive invasion, to the stripping of the Rights of citizens, to the plain old crime of War Profiteering and so much more.


As NLinStPaul points out in The cold facts, as I see them, this is not new. What is new is the level of corruption, the fact that it has been so blatantly spread to all levels and institutions and the fact that it is far more out in the open than ever before. This could be a blessing in disguise.

When the criminals still had shame, they would make at least a token attempt to hide their corruption. They kept it ‘down low’ enough that it could be ignored or dismissed by the general public. That time is past and the looting of our nation and the world is now carried out behind only the thinnest of veils. The very outrageous shamelessness of their greed and power-grabbing however, could be their downfall. The worst of their crimes were committed at a time when they had terrified the nation, the press and most of the world into a blind obeisance. They were SURE they would “get away with it.” But those times are over and America IS ready for a change. Through their shamelessness and sloppiness and surety, they have turned themselves into low hanging fruit. Their is no question that crimes have been committed….the only question is how to bring the criminals to justice.

Within the context and realities of the very corrupt system that they have created.

The crimes are so blatant though, that all we need is a crack. A bare opening to start the wheels of justice turning, a place to start unravelling the knots. Once the wheels start turning, as we hoped they would through impeachment, the whole thing will start to come apart. That is why they are stalling furiously on every front. Congress and the DOJ are too corrupted…ALL the checks and balances, except for one, have been neutralized.

It comes down to this. The system is too corrupted to heal itself…it needs us to do it.



The People need a Champion. And we need an effective vehicle.

None of this is new and shocking, including the obstacles we face. But we are in a time of great change, and it is times like these that a small push can topple a mighty edifice. We have to push….the only question is …how?

More tomorrow!


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    The time to start taking our country back is now.

  2. the use of the word ‘pre-emptive’ to describe the war.  it implies that there was a credible threat that we were attempting to pre-empt.  and there wasnt.

    accepting the illegal, imperialistic invasion of a sovereign nation as ‘pre-emptive’ could serve to somewhat justify said invasion….or at least give the sheeple an ‘out’…a justification for their denial… instead of facing the cold, hard truth….

    i know, its a minor talking point….but i would like to see us stop using ‘pre-emptive’ to define an imperialistic invasion.

    thanks.  😉

  3. Ok, waiting……

  4. … Vincent Bugliosi’s new book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Great writer…. and he also prosecuted this guy!!


    • sharon on June 3, 2008 at 12:30 am

    seems right though doesn’t it, like the time is now.  i just want it to begin this month before summer recess.  we’re doing what we can in nyc – running an impeachment candidate against jerry nadler and a bunch of my cohorts from asknadler2impeach delivered dvds of the townhall we held in march – with liz holtzman, bruce fein, and scott horton as speakers – to all of the hjc members at their offices in dc.  i wasn’t able to go with them, but they met with each hjc member or his/her staff and were well recieved.  now we just have to make sure they watch the dvd!  if anyone wants to check it out, they’re up on youtube and there is a link at

    thank you and keep ’em coming, buhdy!  

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