New Fox Sitcom! Everybody Loves Bush!

Well, our least favorite President of all time and forevah, George W. Bush blew into Rome, Italy yesterday to be greeted by adoring fans and happy little Italian warmongers.  

The President, who may not be particularly popular here in the United States of America packs him some serious WOW! power over in the “Old Country” across the pond.  Even the Pope was shaking his BUSH – ONE MORE TERM! pom-pom’s as Airforce One touched down on Italian soil.

OK.  Now that the dream sequence is over for the opening show of our new Fox Sitcom, let’s discuss what really greeted our Cowboy-In-Chief when Air Force One touched down on Italian soil.


President Bush can look forward to a hearty welcome from his old friend, the charismatic Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Rome. That’s not what was found on the streets, however, where anti-Bush sentiment over the war in Iraq still lingers.

Anti-war activists and hundreds of other demonstrators marched through the Italian capital on Wednesday as Bush arrived for a visit that was to include meetings with Berlusconi on Thursday and the pope on Friday.

The president, as usual, kept about his business. He encountered scant signs of protest on his motorcade route on Thursday.

My emphasis

You know what I don’t understand?  Why does everyone insulate this idiot from what people around the world and in his own country actually think of the simpleton?  Why do they cleanse every motorcade route of people wanting to show Bush what they truly think of HIM and his Policies?


I couldn’t agree more, myself.

Now, of course, considering this is a FOX NEWS article, they just had to tell us all about how super much OTHER Europeans just love ’em some Bushie.


Slovenia and Germany, the first two stops on Bush’s trip, were devoid of demonstrators. That was evidence that trans-Atlantic relations, fractured over the U.S.-led invasion in Iraq, are on the mend, that European leaders have moved beyond their anger over the war.

My emphasis

Yeah, right, Faux Nonsense.  Those countries just cleansed the motorcade route, too.  

But even beyond that, let’s have a look at all the absolute CRAP the government of Italy and the local government in Rome had to put themselves and their CITIZENS through just so one VERY hated man can come to town on his Ridin’-Into-Teh-Sunset European Tour.

Security is extremely tight for Bush’s two-day stay in Rome. Commercial flights have been banned over the city. Dozens of buses and trams have been rerouted. Thousands of policemen have been deployed as part of a plan to monitor any further protests, though Wednesday’s march drew far fewer demonstrators than previous visits by Bush.

Well, how very convenient for the citizens of a city with a population in the MILLIONS.  

You need to get to work somewhere within ten kilometers of where Bush is?  Tough.  Walk.  

You need to fly into Rome on a business trip?  Tough.  Land in Florence, take a bus into Rome, and if your business meeting is somewhere within ten kilometers of where Bush is?  Tough.  Walk.  Drag your bags.  Shut up.

The man is so despised that NO COUNTRY dares let anyone near him for fear of someone poppin’ a cap in his ass on their soil.  

I’m pretty sure they are gonna do a body cavity search on the Pontiff prior to that meeting, too.

Back to our SitCom.

After the citizens of Rome threw Roses and boxes of expensive chocolates at President Bush’s motorcade, the President arrived at his Hotel, where he mingled with the excited Italian citizens who showed up in the hundreds of thousands to be in his presence and hopefully shake the man’s hand.  He then tried to open the door to the Hotel, but it was the wrong door.  Hilarity ensued.


Fade to black.




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    • brobin on June 12, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    I wonder how long it will take him to tell the Italian people that we need to put more pressure on Iran over their whatever-it-is-they-are-doing?

    What, he did that yesterday?  The man let’s no grass grow under his brush-clearin’ feet, that’s for sure.

  1. that last photo and keep thinking Grampa Munster/deranged butler.

    Fade to black…hole in Leavenworth.

    Thanks, brobin!

  2. ..are we brobin??  How about this… next summer I’ll be in

    your area (actually SC) and we’re planning a get together

    with RiaD and hopefully any/everyone else in the region.  Let’s

    right now make plans to gather, get rip roaring drunk

    and laugh our asses off because we have somehow managed to

    live through the WORST EIGHT YEARS in the history of these

    United States.  Truthfully, if I don’t have something good

    to look forward to I just might not make it…..  Sound good??

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