Liberal Media Bias? Paul Revere:”The British are Liberal, The British are Liberal!”

We continue to hear from the strains of Right Wing Hate Radio programming to the musings in conservative rags such as the Washington Times that the media has a Liberal Bias to the stories they cover.  

The Neo-Con’s whine and cry and complain that the New York Times (to a conservative, synonymous with George Soros’ personal newspaper), CNN, The Washington Post, USA Today, BBC News, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and on and on, are nothing more than the mouthpieces of the dangerous liberal movement in our country!  The Wingnut set decries these media outlets for only giving us one side, TEH LIBERAL SIDE, of any story.

I say, Old Dharmite Chaps!  The blokes on this side of the Pond commonly referred to as Wingnuts do so hate many things that are not of US origin.  Like, anything French.  We all remember the silliness of Representative Walter Jones (NC-03) and the FREEDOM FRIES! don’t we?  

Well, one other thing they hate, hate, hate (have you ever noticed that wingnuts do a lot of hating) is any MEDIA from Over There that actually tells the truth.  Their favourite media outlet to hate on then would be the so VERY LIBERAL DNC-BBC!  

Yes, even though you may not have known this little tidbit of information, we have been told that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) actually has a pipeline directly to the BBC which colours all of the so-called NEWS broadcast by the BBC.  

This of course makes the DNC-BBC part of the hated Liberal Media!

Today we will take a look at a story from the DNC-BBC entitled:

US Guantanamo trials ‘to proceed’

A key ruling by the US Supreme Court on Guantanamo detainees will not affect military trials of enemy combatants, the attorney general has said.

Michael Mukasey said he was disappointed with the court’s decision to allow foreign suspects to challenge their detention in US civilian courts.

But he said the trials of “enemy combatants” due to be held at the naval facility in Cuba would proceed.

The court’s ruling has been welcomed by US and foreign human-rights groups.

It is seen as a major legal setback for the Bush administration, although it is not clear whether it will lead to prompt court hearings for the detainees.

My emphasis

So, Guvnuh!  Explain to me why DNC-BBC would state that the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday would be seen as a setback for BushCo as opposed to a setback for the American people and the rule of law?  Liberal Media bias, right?  Wrong.

No bias of any sort, liberal or konservative is shown here.  

A simple statement of fact has been made and the truth is that BushCo et. al. are reeling from this smackdown by John Roberts and the Supremes.  Not that John assisted in the smackdown, but that is another sad story for another day.

‘Step forwards’

Mr Mukasey said: “I’m disappointed with the decision, in so far as I understand that it will result in hundreds of actions challenging the detention of enemy combatants to be moved to federal district court.”

He added: “It bears emphasis that the court’s decision does not concern military commission trials, which will continue to proceed.”

Some 270 men are held at Guantanamo, on suspicion of terrorism or links to al-Qaeda.

US President George W Bush said he would abide by the ruling even if he did not agree with it.

Thursday’s decision potentially resurrects several cases that had been put on hold in recent months.

Federal judges, law clerks and court administrators studying the 70-page opinion to work out how to proceed.

My emphasis

Well, it sure looks like we have a lot of BushCo hand wringing and pissing and moaning about this whole issue, however it isn’t going to stop them from moving forward with their Military Commission trials.  They are going to execute them some radical Mooslem’s sometime around the next Presidential Election, or their name isn’t Neo-Con!

Still, nothing biased at all.  Just a reporting of the situation as it is unfolding.  (I AM depressed!  Where, oh where is the dangerous Limey Liberal claptrap!?!)


Brushing aside the government’s arguments that the detainees were enemy combatants being held at a time of war outside the US, the court said they had “the constitutional privilege of habeas corpus”.

This is the right of detainees under the US constitution to be heard by an independent judge.

This is the Bush administration’s third setback at the highest US court since 2004 over its treatment of prisoners who are being held indefinitely and without charge at the base in Cuba.

The court has ruled twice previously that Guantanamo inmates could go into civilian courts to ask that the government justify their continued detention.

I guess for BushCo, with their well known reverse Midas Touch, even the third time isn’t a charm.  Yet, this story only contains statements of fact without any hint of “legislating from the typewriter” that the Republic’s so despise.

The British are liberal, indeed.  Yet their coverage of the news seems quite balanced.  It would seem that if more Americans got their news from the DNC-BBC they could find themselves much better informed without the not-so-liberal slant of the so called American Liberal Media.

Another piece of the myth debunked.  

Tune back in on Monday morning, Saaame Liberal Time! Saaame Liberal Blog! to see what we may find then….  



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    • brobin on June 13, 2008 at 16:28

    Have a look at the article above.  Now THAT is Fair and Balanced….

  1. exercise short because I’m enjoying the hell out of it… but

    if you could find out just where the right is seeing this

    ‘liberal bias’ it might go a long way to ending their whole

    line of bullshit.  Back in the day…. facts were neither

    left nor right… facts used to be FACTS.  Bias is when you

    take those facts and twist them or omit them.  Oddly, that’s

    not anything I’ve been seeing in the ‘liberal news’.  In fact,

    I really want someone to show me …  

  2. to be right seems to trump all sense these days.  I personally am much more comfortable with facts, they are neutral on their face.  They can be used to confirm or dispute opinions, but the facts remain what they are.

    • geomoo on June 13, 2008 at 22:31

    No mention is made the ticking time bomb from 24 which could explode if information isn’t tortured out of terrorists. No mention is made of soldiers having to read Miranda rights on the battlefield because of bleeding heart liberals.  No mention is made of the potential cataclysmic destruction of all of civilization.  And you gloss right over this part:

    US President George W Bush said he would abide by the ruling even if he did not agree with it.

    You liberals need to learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

  3. Republican policies (deregulation, corporate welfare, Rich guy tax breaks) benefit corporations by increasing their profits.

    These same corporations own north of 95% of the news outlets.

    Said corporations have fiduciary obligation to maximize profit for shareholders.

    Ergot, in order to meet said obligations, Corporations with news arms must do all they can to get republicans elected without being so obvious as to destroy their credibility (which would be a net loss)

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