Iraq’s WMD’s = Gravely Ill American Soldiers

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US soldiers assigned to guard a crucial part of Iraq’s oil infrastructure became ill after exposure to a highly toxic chemical at the plant

They were bleeding from the nose, spitting blood.

There apparently were hundreds of American soldiers at this site that were contaminated.

And who do they and others accuse

Langford is one of nine Americans who accuse KBR, the lead contractor on the Qarmat Ali project and one of the largest defense contractors in Iraq, of knowingly exposing them to sodium dichromate, an orange, sandlike chemical that is a potentially lethal carcinogen. Specialists say even short-term exposure to the chemical can cause cancer, depress an individual’s immune system, attack the liver, and cause other ailments.


“Hundreds of US troops, who may not even know of their exposure to sodium dichromate that could one day result in a horrible disease, cancers, and death,” he said.

What is ‘Sodium Dichromate’:

Sodium dichromate is the same substance that poisoned residents in Hinkley, Calif., an incident made famous by the movie “Erin Brockovich” in 2000.

It’s one of the extremely dangerous chemical’s, potential killers, that industries world wide use, and they know the dangers of exposure to, and under responsible corporations is used with guarded caution and safety checks.

Langford and his former colleagues have said KBR supervisors initially told them the chemical was a “mild irritant”. The company, however, eventually acknowledged that sodium dichromate was a potentially deadly substance and moved to clean up the site.

Of course KBR denies and says the safety of the workers and troops are of the “highest priority”,  what else would war profitteering, incompetent corporate officials say, after all they heed their investors not the worker, troops, or country paying them under the no-bid contracts!


The Pentagon has said that the troops’ exposure to sodium dichloride at the Iraqi facility did not appear to pose any long-term threat.


In yesterday’s hearing, however, Langford described for the first time how soldiers guarding the facility had the same symptoms as those who had dangerous levels of exposure to the chemical, complaints that are the foundation for the workers’ lawsuit.

“The chromium of Iraq is going to be the same thing as Agent Orange of Vietnam,” Langford said after the hearing. “I want something done for them.”

Along with one of KBR’s own

Edward Blacke, who served as KBR’s health, safety, and environmental coordinator for the Qarmat Ali project, said he saw soldiers with “continuous bloody noses, spitting up of blood, coughing, irritation of the noses, eyes, throat, and lungs, shortness of breath.”


Max Costa, chairman of the Department of Environmental Medicine at New York University, told the committee that ordinary blood and urine tests would not have detected heavy levels of sodium dichromate exposure after a few days. He said that the military would have had to conduct a highly specialized red blood cell test within four months of the exposure to determine the soldiers’ risk of illness.

“Most people don’t get it right,” said Costa, after the hearing. “It is not an established test that medical labs normally do.”

Pee in a cup, “You’re alright, don’t worry!”!

And as we’ve found out already over and over and over………………………, once again, we’ve gone through all this before,

But Dorgan said yesterday that the Pentagon has not done enough to monitor the health of the soldiers and ensure that KBR and other contractors are putting safety first.

And what does the esteem congress have to say

“It is almost unbelievable,” the senator said during the hearing. “We know that there has been exposure of workers and soldiers to a deadly chemical, and there has been, in my judgment, lack of accountability by those who caused the exposure and lack of accountability at the Department of Defense, regrettably.”

Lack of Accountibility??

No F’in S**t Einstein, what have the People been saying all along!!

I give kudo’s to the present Congress, at least they are doing their jobs, the jobs that weren’t done by the previous Congress. Investigating, Hearings and Oversite as these things keep coming forward, and not a whisper was heard about any of these in the Halls of the 109th Congress.

But the reason you all are there is ‘Accountability’, from the Top all the way Down, including your own!

Dorgan began investigating the workers’ allegations of sodium dichromate exposure after The Boston Globe reported on the case in March.




It’s in the Constitution and the Laws of this Country,Use It or We Loose It!!

DPC Hearing

The Exposure at Qarmat Ali:

Contractor Misconduct and the Safety of U.S. Troops in Iraq

Friday, June 20, 2008

10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

608 Dirksen Senate Office Building

The Exposure at Qarmat Ali: WMD’s Iraq = KBR

Additional hearing information is available here

Oversight and Accountability Project

Staff at the DPC Oversight and Accountability Project work with whistleblowers, non-profit groups, Executive Branch agencies, and their colleagues on Capitol Hill to protect U.S. taxpayers, uncover waste, fraud and abuse, and hold government officials accountable.

The DPC has focused on contracting abuses in Iraq and in the Gulf Coast region following Hurricane Katrina, pre-war intelligence failures, and continuing homeland security vulnerabilities, among other issues.

Learn more about the Oversight and Accountability Project and access materials related to hearings held by the DPC.

Aware of waste, fraud or abuse that

DPC should investigate?
E-mail us.

We are a nation that likes to pride itself on truth, justice, freedom and humanity. {NO MORE!}


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  1. Thanks for this and for your unflagging efforts on behalf of our troops. Yet another war, yet another instance of those who are supposed to care for our service men and women screwing them over instead.

    I’d like to cry. Instead, I’ll do what I can to help. It may not be much, but it’ll be something…

  2. I hope that something will finally be done to end the criminal acts of KBR.  

    Webb’s office announced yesterday Appointments to the Commission on Wartime Contracting.  

    “…Independent Oversight Body Will Tackle Systemic Waste, Fraud, and Abuse…”  

    It is unbelievable that it’s taken this long to do what should have been done six years ago.

  3. How could you or any of us imagine that our soldiers were not to be likewise affected by exposure to white phosphorous and depleted uraniam?  Don’t people understand that the use of those WMD’s affects our soldiers, as well as the people?

    I can’t help but to feel a real sense of insanity: i.e, supposedly, we invaded Iraq because of its WMD’s, while, we, in turn, utilized them on their own people in our attack on the Iraqis!

    Can’t anyone put together the absolute dis-logic of all that has gone on?

  4. This is just the worst news today.

    The US is there, terrorizing the country with WMD`s while fear mongering here that they have to fight the terrorists there, because they “have” WMD`s.

    Meanwhile more & more humans from all walks of life are being genetically affected to spread these horrors hereditarily for generations to come.

    This is not going to end well.

    The sands of time will spread on prevailing winds to the minds & bodies of all mankind, powdering them with hatred for those who have caused this plague on humanity. When this tide of disfigured, malformed, synapse gapped mutants, rises up & over the levee of tolerance, woe to the few who have caused their decent into millions of private hells.

    How can a veritable miniscule number of people be left unfettered to carry on these atrocities for years, on such an immense number of people.

    This is not going to end well.

    Genocide on a global scale.

    This is absolutely horrific, even after having researched & followed up on as much as possible the reports & studies of DU for years now.

    Thank you for bringing more of these horrors to light.

    It is not a pleasant duty.

  5. To the articles. Just picked them up and they were posted in the last 20hrs. or so:

    Ark. man, others blame KBR for contaminants in Iraq

    An Arkansas man who worked as a contractor in Iraq says he lost his job after warning workers they were being exposed to a cancer-causing chemical there.

    Ed Blacke, a former safety inspector for Houston-based contracting giant KBR, says his exposure to sodium dichromate in 2003 gave him chronic thyroid problems and early signs of cancer. He said supervisors initially ignored his warnings about contamination at the Qarmat Ali water injection plant near Basra, Iraq.

    Democrats accuse KBR of knowingly exposing workers to deadly chemical at Iraqi water plant

    Senate Democrats are accusing defense contractor KBR of knowingly exposing its employees and U.S. troops to a potentially deadly chemical in Iraq in its rush to get the country’s oil infrastructure up and running.

    Former contractors say Ind. soldiers were exposed to carcinogen

    Indiana National Guardsmen who provided protection to defense contractors at a water pumping plant in Iraq were exposed to a potentially deadly chemical, two former workers at the site said Friday.

    Troops copped cancer dust

    “People are potentially exposed to something that may be very dangerous,” says a memo detailing minutes from an August 8, 2003 meeting

    These aren’t just local rags here in the states, just these few are in the International Edition of the New York Time, from Australia, and google gives some 93 others under ‘Sodium Dichromate’.

  6. Haditha victims’ kin outraged as Marines go free (McClatchy has the video at top of this report)

    Eight Marines were charged in the case, but in the intervening years, criminal charges have been dismissed against six. A seventh Marine was acquitted. The residents of Haditha, after being told they could depend on U.S. justice, feel betrayed.

    “We put our hopes in the law and in the courts and one after another they are found innocent,” said Yousef Aid Ahmed, the lone surviving brother in the family. “This is an organized crime.”

    If nothing is brought into a Court of Accountibility, with evidence layed out for all to see, Guilt or Innocence means nothing, Hatreds and Blowback are created, Creating More ‘Enemies’ not Justice! That is Not bringing ‘Freedom’ and ‘Democracy’, it adds to the Destruction already created!

  7. In Too Deep: ‘He wasn’t really all there,’ his squad leader says, but the Army needed more scouts, so that’s the job they sent him in to do IRAQ

    He Should Never Have Gone to Iraq’

    More borderline troops are being sent to the front, sometimes with tragic results.

    By Dan Ephron | NEWSWEEK

    Jun 30, 2008 Issue

    Pvt. David Dietrich had a history of cognitive problems. He struggled in boot camp at Fort Knox, Ky., striking at least one of his superiors as unfit for the military. Dietrich was so slow at processing new things, some fellow soldiers called him Forrest Gump. His squad leader, Pfc. Matthew Berg, says Dietrich couldn’t hit targets on the rifle range and had trouble retaining information. “He was very strong physically, but mentally he wasn’t really all there,” Berg says. Recruited as a cavalry scout, one of the toughest specialties in the Army, Dietrich seemed to lack the essential skills for the job: concentration, decisiveness and the ability to move around without being noticed. He was sent for psychological evaluations at least twice, yet somehow Dietrich advanced-from Fort Knox to Germany and on to Iraq in November 2006. Eight weeks later, at 21, Dietrich was killed by a sniper while conducting reconnaissance from an abandoned building in Ramadi.

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