Funkaliscious Saturday – Make-out Party

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OK, admit it…you went to make-out parties in junior high school, didn’t you? What I want to know tonight is, what music did you listen to while you were “learning the ropes” with that favorite someone? Here are a few from my memories.

The Righteous Brothers were maybe the best at this genre.

But those other brothers – the Everlys – were pretty good at it too.

There’s no accounting for a 13 year old’s taste, but here’s what I remember from those days.

And these guys too.

But the biggest of them all for that time.


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  1. Here’s one that doesn’t fit the topic, but I love listening to it on Saturday night!!!

  2. Junior high … wow that’s hard to remember!

    Well …

  3. and we listened to both kinds of music–country and western.

  4. the exact songs but my “boyfriend” in grade eight had a funny name. It was either Tom or Barry and his last name was “Fink”. Naturally a boyfriend in those days lasted about a week.

    • Robyn on June 15, 2008 at 02:32

    you went to make-out parties in junior high school, didn’t you?

    It was a confusing time.  Long story, which I guess I have been telling a bit at a time.

  5. Sometimes even third base . . .

    The Seekers

  6. Peter Blair Dennis Bernard Noone – otherwise known as Herman of Herman’s Hermits…6th grade.

    • Robyn on June 15, 2008 at 05:12

    …for tomorrow’s morning pony:

    Good Thing

  7. here i sulked all day because it’s my last day of being 38…and you guys made me feel young 😛

    in junior high, we did the roller rink more than dances or make-out parties…this is the song my ‘crush’ and i skated to….

    we both really liked each other, but somehow we never really hooked up.  i ended up with a boyfriend who used to sing this song to me…which i never really agreed with ;), but i really dug the song at the time.  now i love it for the memories…


  8. of one of my very favorites that I hadn’t thought about in forever!!

    • geomoo on June 15, 2008 at 06:43

    I’ll bet a lot of you haven’t heard this great teenage song.  I’m pretty sure it was regional. Sound on my computer is down, so I can’t test how it holds up.  We would sing our asses off when this song started up, and scream out the chorus.

    How appropriate that I would be home during a great party.  I’m afraid I wasn’t doing any making out.  Poor shy boys.  And no one knew I was in the Columbia Record club–easy listening category:  Ray Conniff, Doris Day, Johnny Mathis.  But I liked all the new stuff, too.  Rock ‘n roll came on the radio only in the evening in Georgia.

    My imagination was good, though.  I still love this song by The Lettermen:

    I wonder who made out with whom.  I wish I didn’t feel so left out. I keep my crushes secret.  And anyway, I still get crushes on almost everybody.  I love you guys.

    Thanks for a hosting a great party, NL

  9. I’m a helluva lot younger then most of you.

    But who doesn’t like this song?

    And this one is a classic

    Can’t get enough Journey

    And not quite on topic but this is a fantastic song

    • nocatz on June 15, 2008 at 22:58

    in church

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