Electoral Votes 2008 – On Which side of the Aisle will YOUR State land?

Senator’s Barack Obama and John McCain are working overtime to change the Electoral Map of our country in an effort to win over States that have been recently voting either Democratic or Republic in our current 2008 Presidential Election.  

Both Presidential Candidates are in serious need of changing the Electoral Map, as the polls are showing possible pick-up’s in States that have traditionally voted for one party or the other during a Presidential election.

From Washington Post:

The 2008 general election will pit the best-organized nomination campaign in the history of modern Democratic politics against the battle-tested machinery of the Republican Party, with both Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) determined to shake up an electoral map that has been virtually static over the past two elections.

Democrats enjoy a highly favorable electoral climate at this start of the general election, created by gloomy attitudes about the state of the country and economy, President Bush’s low approval ratings and negative perceptions of the GOP. But as Obama shifts his attention from his primary victory over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) to his test against McCain, the electoral map nonetheless foreshadows another highly competitive race in November.

McCain and Obama offer a rare combination of nominees able to poach on the other party’s turf. Both have proven appeal to independents. McCain will target disgruntled Clinton supporters; Obama will target disaffected Republicans. Women, Latinos and, especially, white working-class voters will find themselves courted intensely by the two campaigns.

Sound’s like we have two candidates that are landing in the middle-of-the-road, doesn’t it?  However, that may not be as true as the media is making it out to be.

National Polls right now show Obama and McSame to be virtually tied amoung voters.  However, as we are all only too aware, winning the popular vote doens’t mean anything in a Presidential Election.  Winning States and their electoral votes matters.

Obama deploys grass-roots forces

Obama plans to deploy his grass-roots forces, now hardened by the grueling campaign against Clinton, to every corner of the country. “We’re going to be playing a lot more offense than they are,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe predicted.

Obama advisers hope the energy and enthusiasm around the senator’s candidacy will not only help him win the White House but also aid down-ballot Democrats, even in Republican states that may be out of reach in the presidential race. “We will have organizations in all 50 states,” Plouffe said. “Some will be battlegrounds; some won’t. But all will have something to contribute.”

Sounds right to me.  There is a lot of enthusiasm about Barack and if he can keep that enthusiasm high amongst Democratic voters, that feeling will rub off on a good amount of Independents and some Republics as well.

‘A major hurdle’

McCain’s advisers expressed equal confidence that their candidate can hit the 270 mark, despite a political environment that Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, called “a major hurdle for us.”

McCain’s team thinks that his potential appeal to independents and some Democrats makes it possible to prevail in what otherwise looks to be a very tough year.

“We understand how to do this,” said Mike DuHaime, a senior adviser to both the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee. “We have operatives who understand how to do this. . . . It’s going to give us a tremendous opportunity to turn out voters who wouldn’t normally be Republicans.”

So, there it is.  When McSame’s advisor says “We understand how to do this,” what he means is that they will go back to the normal Republic playbook of wham, bam, slam, lie, steal, cheat, create a climate of fear, create a climate of bigotry, create a climate of desperation and most of all, cheat once again.

Democratic voters.  Your job, should you choose to accept it is to make sure that everyone you know understands that John McCain is George Bush on Warmongering Steroids and will not allow this country to move forward.  

I choose to accept this mission.


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    • brobin on June 8, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    For ourselves, for our children and for our world, we MUST change the course that the Republics have set for this country.

  1.  get ‘his’ done…. Let’s get ‘this’ done!!

    It’s ass kicking time all over the country  ;>)

  2. will no doubt go to McCain in the general.  However I am optimistic about some down ballot races here and the possibility of wrenching control of our Lege away from the worst of the republican scum.  Those would be the ones that went along with Delay and those who would continue to destroy any signs of civility not to mention civil rights.  

  3. …McCain and deliver 55 EC votes for Senator Obama, 20% of the necessary.

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