Docudharma Caption Contest

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There are no prizes, only Zuul.

Thank you for participating in my experiment.

Rulez: None.
























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  1. and leftie beats righty with a 9-incher!

  2. I mean they posed for that photo on purpose. If I could I would get the 80’s surgically removed from my brain.

  3. #1:  Wonder Bra

    #5:  Keep On Fluffin’!

    #11: Beerkatz!  (with apologies to bierkase)

    For the others…I don’t think I wanna go there.

    Great fun Kestrel9000!  (And thanks for the daily kes, too.)

  4. my, what a long arm you have!

    • RiaD on June 28, 2008 at 11:04 pm


    2 Aaaaaaargh!

    3. everybody wang chung tonite

    4. coqui~coqui!

    5. shower & shave~ 10 bits!


    7. SNOT running down his face

    8. help us!

    9. mama he’s scarey!

    10. a deal with the devil

    11. nope! there’s none left~ i looked!

    12. who’s got the button?

    13. O.M.G.!!

    14. greetings!

    15. what he wants you to believe….

    16. cheese?

    17. right here…see?

    18. BANG!!

    19. taking a break

    20. the lion family

    21. Show off!

  5. Horses Nuzzeling

    Love and comaraderie rule

    • KrisC on June 29, 2008 at 12:16 am

    have done that to #9?

    Hi everyone!!!!

  6. #2: the 9,999th Maniac

    #3: hot sweaty minimum-wage earners in stupid costumes

    #4: froggin’ it

    #6: battered butterfly

    #7: Stop making me ROFL at the monitor!

    #8: Let us out of here!

    #9: We’re both afraid of ponies

    #10: American Gothic

    #12: Journey to the center of the Earth

    #13: Who invited the DFH?

    #14: Greetings from NYC

    #15: Washington & Lincoln try to restrain the madness

    #16: Urban Legend

    #17: It’s, like, so hard to get these colors to match!

    #18: thanks so much for making my head explode

    #19: DAMN!  Another crane fell?

    #20: teased beyond all recognition

    #21: Friend of mine learned to give blow jobs like this

    (#21 is a true story, BTW.)

    • Metta on June 29, 2008 at 12:41 am

    1.  The source of those mysterious con-trails revealed

    2 This is madness!

    3 dammit bear, follow the rest of us!

    4 corsage, yor doin it rong

    5 Just another day at the body shop


    7 Bah bring be da gleenex


    9 Don’t make me look at that scary man!!!

    10.  Heh, heh, I, eh, have a new recruit

    11 Oh, I thought it said “micehouse”

    12 innyinacircle

    13 eyes like saucers

    14 Hai, I can haz bigger saucer?


    16 the innertubes, they’re fun!

    17 seastar

    18 ka sploooosh

    19  Honey?  You down there? How’s the painting going?  

    20 My mom and dad are sooooo coool!

    21 Yuck, forgot I hated bananas

  7. Sneaky little hobbitses stole my Precioussss.  

  8. #12    Whataya mean We’re outa beer?

    The rest are way too scary. Like, the Happy guy at the top. He aint got no number. I worry he might be hanging out with Lil’ Miss 21, just not right now.

    1. a study in comparative psychology.

      Sloppy, to be sure……but interesting nonetheless.

    • WSComn on June 30, 2008 at 4:58 am

    1. McCain’s running mate, Sparky (Who died of a stray McCain memory loss shortly after this picture was taken).

    2. McCain’s new running mate, Dodger McVague.  (Still alive at this writing)

    3. Livin’ la vida fant├ística at the “We feel Pretty!  Oh so Pretty!” let your hair down, don’t worry no one’s got a camera, Conservative Republican Hoe-Down in Orlando, FL this past spring.

    4. The rare and poisonous right-wing flower-gripping frog(ger) blog(ger), Andy Martin.

    5. Egyptian 3rd dynasty version of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    6. John McCain, with clouds of anger-steam blowing from his wrinkly old ear holes, upon hearing that Dodger McVague was to be his running mate.  (Dodger, still alive at this writing)

    7. ( State of child labor after McBush’s third term)  Really, it’s ok, I can work.  Really.  It’s just a little head cold.  I can still work the line!

    8. Me and my aftermath (all two of them, apparently!), after it was reveled that I wrote the caption for number 7, above (It really was pretty bad!).

    9. Ahh, the wisdom of youth!  (Run away, run away!!)

    10. Ahh, the stupidity of youth!  (I don’t know, man…I mean, like, he’s not that bad!)

    11. When cats are found guilty of lessor crimes and misdemeanors, they don’t get to the Big House.  They get 30 days in the icehouse.

    12. [See the earlier comment about the nipple.  LOL, couldn’t think of anything better!]

    13. This is the lady that was holding the baby in number nine, above.  When she saw GWB’s reaction to her baby’s reaction to GWB (and who could blame ’em, the baby, not GWB) her face froze like this.  She hasn’t been the same since.  She’s also hoping her vote for Obama will straighten out her face.

    14. “Just dropped by to say Bye, and to wish you luck in the next election.  My behind the scenes social experiment in fascism and the American people’s reaction to it is now over.  I’m sorry I manipulated your election process to allow idiot’s like Bush and Cheney to be elected, but my 11th grade science project wouldn’t have worked out if you’d elected someone like a caring adult, now, would’ve it?  Anyways, I learned a lot and, like, I hope you did, too!  (I got an ‘A’!!)  Arrivederci!!”

    15. “You have the right to remain silent…(because unlike those folks down in Gitmo, even an asshole like you still has rights!)”

    16. Ahh, the Elusive Yet Speedy Ethernet Gerbil (EYSEG) running the lengths of the InnerToobs, delivering information packets for the betterment of all mankind!

    17. When the paparazzi go wrong and start believing in the illusion of ‘Star Power’, they dress like this.  I still can’t believe anyone took a picture.

    18. Hello!!…I’m really quite small!!…Does anyone know who I am????…Hello!!

    19. The nerve center of the DailyKos.  Photo credit:  SusanG.

    20. Oh my F**king God!  There’s three of them!!!  And they’ve spawned!!!!!!  The little one…he (?) looks like Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ayaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Tonight, on ‘The Banana Peel Life’…more useless bullshit to waste your life away while watching!

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