Dems Hoping to Cash In Big – Turn Blind Eye to Racist Rants?

I don’t know how many folks here have actually met racist bigots who happen to be a color other than pale. I’m fucking surrounded by them out here in Asia.

When I don’t have to contend with the governor of Tokyo prating on about the threat posed by ‘dangerous Chinese or Koreans’, I get to deal with the everyday regional bigotry of ‘what’s wrong with Osaka people and their appalling manners.’

Travel south to Australia and we’ve got all kinds of ‘white pride’ clowns. And I’d be remiss if didn’t mention that native Canadians populate Canadian jails, welfare rolls and mortuaries in numbers that can not be defended or explained as anything other than racism made manifest. So much as you might like to think Americans are exceptional, bigotry knows no bounds.

Pandering to bigots is fine old political tradition and when folks are caught on camera ‘hating the other’ as George Allen was, then it seems to me that sensible folks ought to stand up quick and scream blue murder, not stick a finger in the wind to see how the whole mess may play out.

If I heard that the wife of the nominee has evidently been caught on camera pandering to bigots I’d want that shit blasted on the front pages, not swept under the rug. And like it or not, the candidate for change keeps some extremely slimy company.

Ayers, Wright, and Rezko didn’t get pulled out of a hat. Obama hung with these pricks and relied on them to fuel his political career. Ayers provided key support early on. Rezko bundled cash and Wright helped win a guy with a white mom a firm place in an African-American church. Big-time support and bonds. It’s only in the last year that Michelle and Barack started cutting them loose.

If there is a tape showing Michelle Obama spewing racist trash inside Trinity Church why aren’t Dems screaming to see it? If the tape doesn’t exist, why are bots like slinkerwink posting sanitized transcripts of the non-existant tape on MyDD?

Larry Johnson has been banging the drum about that tape for weeks. Like most I figured to give Michelle the benefit of the doubt, not that she or the Obama folks extend that sort of respect to others very often.

Booman and slinkerwink, both Obama fans, pushed the sanitized version of the tape I was willing to ignore. If Booman and slinkerwink are blowing smoke about the tape, Booman and slinkerwink are the ones folks should be ripping.

Booman and slinkerwink have pushed the tape into our debate. Dems should be demanding the Obama campaign produce the tape, not cowering under the bed hoping there’s no truth to the story. Michelle and Barack Obama have built a political dynamo by making friends with some pretty un-savory people and if Michelle is on tape raving about “Whitey” she deserves to be called on it. Let’s see the version of the tape Booman is referencing.

Obama has his hand on a big cash tap.

No wonder.


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  1. essay here until this whole revolting mess is aired out.

    It’s your party, your election and your war.

    Good luck with it all!

  2. on alleged racism (ironic that it has to be alleged when at least here in the South,  there are plenty of  proven racist and anti-semitic Dems and Repubs of varying hues ) is the sort of whisper campaign that the Republicans will use on the GE on behalf of McCain.

    Maybe they can call you for ideas. You’re pretty adroit at using the sleight of hand to invent an issue in order to perpetuate this idea that McCain is the “least dishonest”.

    Why bother? Do you actually think anybody here is going to wake up one morning and think Wow what a fool I have been McCain is gonna take me to the promised land.

    And quit insisting that anybody here thinks the Dems are flawless and the Dem candidate will be to. It is a complete and utter myth. You keep getting confused about which blog you are visiting.

  3. on you Tube with your hateful irrational raving? Jeez go already. At least on kos the hard core nasties went on strike, I hope this is the last time I read your negative, twisted bullshit. The only mess I see is the hate people like you stir up.

  4. 1. perhaps kidneystones is posting here because we don’t tell people to delete diaries or arrive in troll patrols to beat them up (verbally)

    2. he’s asking questions that i’m sure LOTS and LOTS of other Americans are asking. people in this thread don’t seem to care about what might be on the minds of voters. or how to engage them in this discussion… because this, in my mind, certainly isn’t the way to do it.

    we need to be able to handle this POV. it is mild compared to others i have heard. we have to lay groundwork for discussion. we have to be better.


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