…and what happens when Mukasey ignores these subpoenas?

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On one hand, I gotta express support, yet again, for Rep. Waxman, as he is one of a shrinking number of Congressional officials that dare to investigate, ask tough questions and follow up to a large extent.

On the other hand, I can’t help but feel that we have been down this road more than once over the past few years and still are in the same crappy place we were had no subpoenas been issued in the first place.

And when it comes to Attorney General (in name only) Mukasey – the recipient of the latest Congressional subpoenas, his track record is nothing short of abhorrent when it comes to views and disdain for the rule of law.

This round of subpoenas relates to Scotty McClellan’s revelations about Dick Cheney and the CIA leak investigation, and maybe it could uncover what many of us thought all along about Cheney’s role in selling a war based on lies and bullying.  And yes, it is something, just as so many of the other subpoena and investigation and impeachment worthy actions, lies, crimes, stolen elections, illegal voter suppression as well as other offenses and cover ups are, that is necessary as part of moving this country forward.

To ignore or “let slide” the myriad of atrocities committed over the past 8 years will be a stain on this nation forever.  To not hold these criminals accountable to the fullest extent of the law will not only be a travesty of justice of the highest order but will also set a dangerous precedent whereby subpoenas can be ignored without consequence, where crimes can be committed and covered up only to not be investigated further, where governmental officials can be held in contempt of Congress with absolutely no punishment and where wars can be waged based on admitted and proven lies and laws can be disregarded based on a signing statement with no fear of retribution.

Bravo to Rep. Waxman for continuing to push back and look for answers.  But as with so many other “strongly worded letters”, ignored subpoenas, cases that should be prosecuted, pursued or investigated by the Justice Department but aren’t, abuses of power, crimes, destroyed evidence and other impeachable offenses that are so blatant yet not discussed for fear of “sounding partisan” – what happens when Mukasey decides to ignore these subpoenas?

As much as a dereliction of duty it is to not investigate or not issue subpoenas, it may actually be worse to investigate or issue subpoenas only to not follow all the way through if the investigations lead to potential crimes or cover ups to which there are no consequences or ramification, or if the subpoenas are ignored with no consequence.


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    • clammyc on June 16, 2008 at 21:10


    • Edger on June 16, 2008 at 22:40

    Isn’t the hard work supposed to be during campaigns?

    And the relaxing with your feet up on the desk and your thumb up your ass collecting money from lobbyists supposed to be done after the election?

    I don’t Clammy… it sounds to me like you want to rock the boat and change the system and forget about doing things a certain way because that’s the way they’ve always been done.

    Next thing we know you’ll be wanting to start a national boys camp or something…

  1. These goobers burn my ass worse than a 3 ft tall flame.  Can we just dig a big hole, and throw ’em all in it?  I’m not sure what else would be effective…

  2. reacts to these things by thinking about that old line about what it means to be crazy…doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  

    • Valtin on June 17, 2008 at 03:12

    I agree totally on the spinelessness of most of our Congressional representatives.

    But look who Carl Levin has before his committee tomorrow? William Haynes, DoD and Rumsfeld’s man with a memo, and someone who knows where all the skeletons are buried. Look for my new diary elsewhere for the details.

    • RUKind on June 17, 2008 at 03:28

    That’s what keeps most of them silent and cowering. Who knows? Some of them, Dem or not, may be in on the whole game. Pelosi and Hoyer come immediately to mind. Why so quick to take impeachment off the table? Hardly anyone had brought it up at the time of the 2006 election. Smells funny. And that’s not hah-hah funny. Rotten would be a better word.

    Silence is Aquiescence:

    Acquiescence is, the term used to describe an act of a person in knowingly standing by without raising any objection to infringement of his rights, when someone else is unknowingly and honestly putting in his resources under the impression that the said rights actually belong to him. Consequently, the person whose rights are infringed cannot anymore make a claim against the infringer or succeed in an injunction suit due to his conduct. The term is most generally, “permission” given by silence or passiveness. Acceptance or agreement by keeping quiet or by not making objections.

    The common law doctrine of estoppel by acquiescence is applied when one party gives legal notice to a second party of a fact or claim, and the second party fails to challenge or refute that claim within a reasonable time. The second party is said to have acquiesced to the claim, and is estopped from later challenging it, or making a counterclaim. The doctrine is similar to, and often applied with, estoppel by laches.

    Complacency is Complicity:

    Complicity, n.

    the state of being an accomplice; partnership or involvement in wrongdoing: complicity in a crime.

    [Origin: 1650-60; < LL complic-, s. of complex complice + -ity]

    -Related forms

    com·plic·i·tous, adjective

    -Synonyms collusion, intrigue, implication, connivance.

  3. There is no real check against a criminal Executive Branch, provided the President has impeachment-conviction-proof support in the Senate.

    It’s going to take an amendment to constrain the Executive branch to following and enforcing the law.

  4. it is a clear indication of the collapse of our gov’t

    while i agree with gooserock that we need an amendment (and a Constitutional Convention), this is happening because Americans are allowing it to continue.

    somebody at dKos had a great idea about people showing up at the state offices of their Congressmen/women and Senators to protest their refusal to both enforce the Constitution and abide by their oath to do so::: by not enforcing congressional subpoenas, by not putting impeachment on the table.

    keep harping on it clammyc!

  5. Please be aware that the darling candidate of many of you Barak Obomban is against even censure and does not support impeachment.

    He also wishes to wind down the war in Iraq and wind it UP IN AFGHANISTAN…that’s what you’ll get……and expansion though of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq…because Iraq cannot wind down.

    Barak is Pro War

    Barak is Pro Capitalist..”Pro Chicago Boys” Pro Corporate

    Barak is Pro Israel “Period”…those are his words

    Who the fuck do you think is running for president?

    A conservative person who is going to follow in the footsteps of Bush and Cheney with a slight deviation…

    And you are not even aware he opposes impeachment or censure for bringing America into what is observablly been exposed as an illegal war….

    Barak wants to Continue illegal wars…why would he be against impeachment?

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