Would McCain end the war before Obama or Hillary?

Not hardly.

But, in honor of Iraq Moratorium #9, being observed today, it seems worth asking the question. (And with the trifecta in the headline, I thought maybe someone over at the orange blog, where my cross-posts go to die, will click on it.)

McCain’s hallucination  vision of what would happen in his presidency:

“By January 2013, America has welcomed home most of the servicemen and women who have sacrificed terribly so that America might be secure in her freedom,” McCain said in a speech in Columbus, Ohio.

“The Iraq war has been won. Iraq is a functioning democracy, although still suffering from the lingering effects of decades of tyranny and centuries of sectarian tension. Violence still occurs, but it is spasmodic and much reduced,” McCain said.

Wouldn’t that be loverly?

Problem is, as Joe Biden pointed out:

“He laid out what his dream was …without offering one single solitary concrete way in which he would accomplish any of the things he stated,” the Delaware Democrat said.

Well, what the heck, it’s a campaign speech, isn’t it?

How does that square with his pledge on the campaign website:

John McCain believes it is essential to be honest with the American people about the opportunities and risks that lie ahead. The American people deserve the truth from their leaders. They deserve a candid assessment of the progress made in the last year, of the serious difficulties that remain, and of the grave consequences of a reckless and irresponsible withdrawal.  

Many Americans have given their lives so that America does not suffer the worst consequences of failure in Iraq. Doing the right thing in the heat of a political campaign is not always easy. But it is necessary.

When can we expect that to start?

While we’re waiting, this is the Third Friday of May, which means it is Iraq Moratorium day.

How about doing something, big or small, today to show that you want the war and occupation to end?

You’ll feel better if you do.  Guaranteed.


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