What for? {Devastating News from Mia Farrow}

On the 26th of this month, Memorial Day, at 12:21 AM, Mia Farrow posted the following on her blog. The ‘What For?’ is her subject title, and one many of us have been asking for these 5plus years.

We have just learned that my nephew, Jason Deane,  died in Iraq yesterday

His mother is my sister, Tisa Farrow. His dad is Terry Deane.

Jason loved and was loved by his parents, his sister, Bridget, his brother, Mitchell, his wife Judi and their three small children. He was my God-son and much loved by all of us in this large family.

He also loved his country and he was proud to serve.

But I honestly don’t know why Jason died. There was never any evidence of weapons of mass destruction. That was a lie. So people speculate — was it the oil? Or the old grudges of an old man — Cheney and his Halliburton? Or the unfinished business of the father — some haunting of the son? Saddam was bad — but by then a sleeping dog. Not making threats. The world is full of brutal leaders, some are worse than Saddam Hussein.

This war is as incomprehensible as it is unacceptable. In a cloud of confusion politicians, generals and ordinery people have come to see that it is a disaster. Exit plans are being discussed but Iraqi citizens and young Americans like our Jason are being killed.

For four years my sister has lived in fear of this day.

She is a nurse and was working at the hospital when the two uniformed men came to her home. Jason’s sister, Bridget opened the door. They went to the hospital to give Tisa the most terrible news a mother could hear.

I hope I never see George W Bush.

I could not shake his hand. He and his cabal have killed my beautiful nephew just as surely as if they had shot him. May God, if there is one, forgive them. I cannot.

Today Tisa and Terry, Bridget and Mitchell, Judi, and the three little ones – have been given a life sentence of grief.

How many more must die before this atrocity is stopped?

Three hours later she posts a photo site link of her nephews Infantry Division with the following

A photo site run by his infantry division.

Jaspn’s father Terry said “Jason loved the army and would want to be remembered as a good soldier.”

certainly he was that, and much, much more.

I ask the same question as Mia:

How many more must die before this atrocity is stopped?

Not only the Atrocity of Iraq, as well as that which has quickly turned into, Afganistan, but the Atrocities occurring as these military personal come home after Multiple Tours and once again are pushed aside, in their care and by a Nation more intent on a presidential campaign than the Reality of what this country will be facing!

This country that now Accepts Torture, Accepts the Lies that led to the Slaughter of Tens of Thousands of it’s own and innocents of Iraq and Afganistan, thinking zero about the reason for going into Afganistan in the first place, Accepts the Blank Checks of Corporate War Profitteers, Accepts the Blank Check of a Paid Mercenary Army, Accepts the Destruction of Law and the Constitution!!

I Light A Candle with Sadness but Memory of another Fallen Brother

For Mia’s Nephew, Jason and his Family, RIP Brother RIP, and in Memory of your Fallen Brothers and Sisters and Mine as well!

And I Ask The Question

Asked So Long Ago by a Gold Star Mother in Crawford Texas

Still Unanswered!!

And I would ask, Why was Mia’s Nephew Serving this Country but not the sons and daughters of those who sent them into these Occupations, especially the New Husband of a certain First Daughter?

Who’s ‘Patriotic’?

Who Serves the ‘National Defense’ of this Country?


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    • TomP on May 30, 2008 at 22:07

    We must keep struggling to end the occupation as soon as possible.  

  1. so that they can be sent to war. The people shooting at each other on the battlefield have more in common with each other than they do with their masters.

    How many stories have you heard about soldiers in opposing armies calling an informal truce for Christmas or a temporary ceasefire to treat the wounded or collect the dead? Or shouting greetings across the lines between battles? Or embracing when the war is over? And carrying the same wounds home?

    And how many times have you heard of soldiers of every nation being lied to by their generals and politicians?

    Is this the first time a young soldier was was brought back dead to his family, who asked, what is it all for? Our historical memory only extends as far back as a generation, and so in each generation the same terrible lessons must be learned again. And the State, in its ruthlessness, cashes in again and again.

    When will people learn?

  2. Lies, arrogance killed my nephew

    Because of the arrogant, corrupt lies of George W. Bush and his neocon handlers my nephew is dead, and I am mad as hell.

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