The Sanctuary: A Right-Wing-Noise-Free Zone

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I think that the movement in the blogoshpere over the last few years has been to smaller and smaller communities where folks can talk and germinate ideas. I know there are pluses and minuses to this trend. But I, for one have found it helpful in giving me a place like Docudharma where I can feel free to venture into the outer reaches of my thinking.

But when that trend is reversed and independent bloggers come together to tackle an important issue of the day…I think that also deserves our attention in a big way. That is just what is happening with a new blog called The Sanctuary that officially launched last week.


The line-up for this blog is truly amazing. Anyone who has been paying attention to the issue of immigration on the blogs will note that the really major players are all involved. Here’s the official list:

Nezua – founder and editor of The Unapologetic Mexican

Kyledeb – founder and editor of Citizen Orange

Manuel – founder and editor of Latino Politico

Edmundo – founder and editor of Para Justica y Libertad

Duke – founder and editor of Migra Matters

LatinaLista – founder and editor of Latina Lista

Kai – founder and editor of Zuky

Kety – Board Chair: Institute for Progressive Christianity and founder CrossLeft

So that’s who’s involved. Now, let’s take a looks at why they are coming together and what they hope to accomplish. I’ll give you a taste from some of their own words.

From Duke

The Sanctuary is a grassroots effort of a group of pro-migrant, human-rights, and civil-rights bloggers and on-line activists, dedicated to the enactment of meaningful immigration reform that is practical, rational, fair and most of all humane, who have come together to start a new kind of issue-focused digital community that concentrates on analysis, news, and problem solving strategies for one of the most divisive issues facing the nation.

Started to help offset the growing influence of right-wing, anti-immigrant, voices that have thus far dominated the debate, it’s mission is to create a broad community of on-line pro-migrant activists, and translate digital activism into real-world, practical action. Additionally, we hope to fill a void in the mainstream progressive blogosphere, by highlighting a growing, ethnically diverse, pro-migrant digital world that has not always found voice in progressive circles.

From Manuel

Immigration is one of those issues that can easily be governed by bumper-sticker politics, but it is far from that simple, and it is a disservice to do so. There are too many facets that are being ignored or overlooked that can help us build understanding and, hopefully, solidarity that recognizes the personhood of every human being – removing the tarnish off the plaque of Emma Lazarus’ New Colossus.

It is our goal to collect the wisdom and expertise that can only be found in community. Together labor leaders, community activists, allies and everyday people who are affected by the divisive politics of nationalism will build a true sanctuary on the web.

From Nezua

I intend that there is a beautiful place we hold in our minds of what this world and society could be like, and whether we know it or not, whether we sketch out the particulars of this or not, this place must include kindness and love and sharing and a humane and forgiving look at all kinds of people and what they do as they try to feel worth and contribute to the great exchange that is living on this planet. It must, by necessity, value all hungers and all pains felt by all people, and it must understand that the Earth is our garden and our bed and our mother, not our prize nor our possession. This place that exists in the ideal can be reached by steps, by certain worldviews and certain behaviors. And while I can not speak for every or any other editor or diariest at The Sanctuary, I feel that what we intend to do there is a piece of such an achievement, or at least describes the whereabouts of that “piece.”

Sometimes decrying the abundance of hate and ignorance, or lack of awareness and action on an issue is useful and helps to focus. And then a time comes when you simply feel you must find others who feel as you do and you join with them and fight. This is what we are doing and if you would join us, we would have you.

I’d like to invite you to join me in checking out The Sanctuary. Head on over, sign up, learn, and roll up your sleeves to get busy with these wonderful committed people in tackling one of the most divisive issues facing our country today.  


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  1. come on back and tell me what you think.

    Here’s a shout-out to OTB: can we get this great site added to our blogroll?  

  2. …one thing that is big in free trade economics but not in free trade politics is the free movement of labor.  Just an idea, but you might want to forward this site along to some libertarian bloggers, who are generally pretty pro-immigrant as well.

  3. There’s a couple of good items on the recent Postville, IA raids there.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

  4. …to hang out around outside English as a Second Language classes for adults in southern California. This will, of course, drive away these students, including those who are authorized to be in the States but fear their Latino names and appearance will get them in trouble with the law anyway.

    Sounds like a good site; I’m going there now.

  5. I was telling NPK the other day that a key towards making this work is going to be connecting migrant rights to human rights.  Docudharma has been one of the most supportive spaces for what we are doing.  Keep up the good work.

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