The March Of The Hillemmings

Onward to West Virginia! After duping fewer of the “white niggers” in the Hoosier state into believing that she is some sort of brawling, beer drinking, elbow wrestling, blue collar ‘one of them’ the bitter and recalcitrant monster that is Hillary Rodham-Clinton moves the goalposts one more time. The non-elitist who just happens to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of at least $ 109 million dug around in the sofa cushions in order to lend her never ending crusade another $ 6 million and change in order to remain solvent while the operatives work their chicanery and try to strong arm, sweet talk, cajole and bribe those superdelegates into getting with the fucking program and throwing in the Clinton restoration – when will those fuckers get it that Tracy Flick 2008 is entitled to the presidency goddammit?

The encouraging thing about the very narrow Clinton ‘win’ in Indiana is that there seems to be a limit to the stupidity of at least enough of the people to have not bitten on the race baiting, the demagoguery and that idiotic fucking suspension of the gas tax over the summer as some sort of band aid on the sucking chest wound of the average American family’s budget. The new openness to something different is courtesy of the economic disaster brought on by a quarter century of deregulation, fucked up trade policies, the enshrinement of greed as the highest possible virtue – the giveaway on this was that television show where people actually competed for the honor of licking Donald Trump’s balls. Compounding matters was the flood of easy credit and deceptively cheap credit that unregulated Wall Street ivory tower ‘banking’ houses (casinos is a more appropriate word) then packaged into toxic debt instruments and sold to suckers worldwide. As the old saying goes ‘if something appears to be too good to be true then it is too good to be true’ or something along those lines and it was only a matter of time until the music stopped and now millions of saps who bought into the big con have suddenly discovered that they have no chairs.

American idiots can only blame themselves for being dumb enough to be swindled into ignoring reality and their own economic self interests in order to vote for the most dumb and superficial reasons while keeping their heads in the sand and the home equity credit lines open to buy all of the trinkets and baubles necessary for them to still go to bed at night miserable, unfulfilled and deeper in debt. I find it ironic that the degenerate pigman Rush Limbaugh is throwing out a rotator cuff patting himself on the back for inducing his army of angry idiots to crossover and vote for Clinton in the obviously Animal House inspired “Operation Chaos” that have given the bitter old bitties who see Hillary as their own personal version of Taarna the avenger enough backup to keep Obama on the ropes until the dirt diggers can find a big enough chunk of kryptonite to vanquish him once and for all. Limbaugh, the human (and I use that term very loosely) version of the giant gas filled pig balloon that Pink Floyd used as a prop during shows and who is a similar icon for the fascist Republican party is largely responsible for today’s economic misery that will only continue unabated under the neocon dream of McClinton. After all, it was his modern day Father Coughlin propaganda that harnessed the anger and misery of the economic diaspora that began to emerge during the 80s when Reagan’s war on the middle class was kicking into high gear with the farm crisis and the closing of the mills. The heartland and the rust belt were the first to be thrust upon the alter of greed for sacrifice to the gods of Milton Friedman style voodoo economics and the down on his luck loser Limbaugh was discovered and recruited to propagandize the hurt, scorned and angry to scapegoat minorities and liberals for their deteriorating lives.

Limbaugh’s act worked to perfection to the extent there the lazy, mainstream media public relations flacks who pass themselves as legitimate journalists in this sorry era of the fucked and dumb actually feel comfortable in citing him as some sort of legitimate public figure to be respected and quoted. Well, John Wayne Gacy once had a similar aura of respectability and we all know how that ended up so perhaps there is at least some hope that the drug addled, thrice divorced, multi-millionaire grand poobah of white populist propaganda will soon come crashing down as well. His insertion of himself into the perennially clueless and hapless Democratic party primary season of no end may be the petard upon which his mammoth carcass is finally hoisted. People start to look for different victims when gas is approaching four dollars a gallon, their overpriced homes are in pre-foreclosure, speculators driving up food prices make it harder to put food on the family and jobs are being sent by the thousands to whatever third world shithole has the cheapest slave labor gulag system. The fingers of blame are very slowly starting to be pointed upwards as indolent Americans begin to realize that the ultra rich four flushing asshole class that Limbaugh works for are the ones to blame for their misery and not the brown menace.

The failure of what was perceived to be the bread and butter of the massively overhyped by both the multi-millionaire Clintons and the Republican looter establishment Reverend Wright race card is by all indications from Indiana going up like a flaming bag of dogshit on the castle doorstep. When race baiting and fear mongering no longer work then the establishment is in big time trouble. It’s hard to blame the black man for everything during those long cold winters when the furniture is being burned for heat and the family pets begin to look like a cheap way to eat for a few days. Now I am not naïve enough to think that the American sheeple will ever be able to muster up enough gumption for a full fledged peasant revolt but their not being duped by the standard horseshit that politicians shovel out in order to distract and keep from talking about the real issues is at the very least a flicker of light in the darkness. That Clinton didn’t win Indiana by at least 30 points given the massive ignorant hick demographic and the temporary loan of battalions of Limbaugh’s angry army of dittohead drones proves that things just might be different this time and that would indeed strike deeply at the very heart of the oligarchy. Even that philandering little fascist dwarf Newt Gingrich is freaking out that the GOP mojo is no longer working.

So onward march the Hillemmings, a proxy army to defend the status quo who have much in common with their newfound brethren on loan from Lord Limbaugh, towards West Virginia, towards the edge of the abyss and with any luck ultimately off of the edge of the cliff.  


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  1. And the funniest thing I’ve read for a while. It is interesting watching our national parental figures, the Dems and Repubs, fighting over who gets the house as it’s burning down and reassuring the infantilized public that everything will be ok. The kids just rock back and forth in the corner, hands over their ears, hoping mom and dad – or please, god, somebody – will do something before the whole thing comes crashing down.  

    So, kids, do you want to live with me or your worthless father?

    Don’t listen to the trollop, kids. It’s all her fault. I need a drink.

    • Robyn on May 8, 2008 at 4:54 pm
  2. …is that she is already in the gutter.

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