So . . . Who Will Be Obama’s V-P??

As so often happens these days, the Saturday evening post-movie (Iron Man) conversation turned to politics.  The consensus is Hillary is through in the campaign.  The lack whether she should be Obama’s running mate.  Some say unity is the thing now.  And the need for Obama to appeal to Joe and Jose Six-Pack.

My take?  No way it’s Hillary.  First, too much animosity between the two and too big a political figure to be a V-P.  In fact, I think Obama, as is his wont, while being conciliatory, will also take the position that the Clintons represent the old way of doing things.  

Second, is Hillary the one to appeal to Six-Pack?  While she does better with this group than Obama, she isn’t exactly loved by them either.  Indeed, if you could choose two candidates that are least loved by Six-Pack, I can’t imagine two lesser than these.  

So, who will it be?  Webb of Virginia?  Fairly conservative, but could help get Reagan democrat southerners.  Don’t think so.  Too conservative and won’t likely pull enough southern man voters to put Obama over the top there.

My bet:  Richardson of NM.  I think Obama can’t win the south and will instead focus on the west.  And the west means hispanic voters.  Richardson appeals to western whites, but more importantly gets Obama the hispanic vote.  

What do you think?


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  1. it gets white/black/hispanic blood in this ticket and that’s appealing.

  2. But I’d say Richardson or Webb is more likely.

  3. Assuming Obama actually gets the nomination (we cannot rule out Clinton somehow nabbing it at the brokered convention), I think there are perhaps three politicians who could possibly add to his ticket going into the general election:

    John Edwards – His populist talk and devotion to working class issues, combined with his skills as an attorney, make him an ideal vice presidential candidate.  He managed to sell himself as one in 2004, and although he didn’t get enough footing to remain in contention for the nomination this year he still has a base of supporters who could help bridge the divide between Obama’s followers and Clinton’s.

    Christopher Dodd – Dodd has the stones to go toe to toe with adversaries on the campaign trail, and he has shown leadership in the Senate by shaming Obama and Clinton into voting against one of the appropriations bills for the occupation of Iraq.  I see no reason why he couldn’t make a strong ally on the campaign trail.

    Bill Richardson – Although I don’t think he’ll add much to an Obama ticket going into November, his executive experience is desperately needed in the White House.  He could be seen to help the senator make a case that he can bring in people who know the ins and outs of governing (as opposed to legislating).

  4. but would have to think that webb’s inexperience would only amplify obama’s.  it would be a total n00b ticket ;)…and anyone fearing obama’s inexperience (myself included) wouldnt be comforted by the addition of webb…imo…

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