Race-Baiter Hailed as Salvation of Dem Party

Sunday Times Only Bill Clinton can save the Democratic party? That’s what the Obama camp is claiming, according to the Sunday Times. No wonder Obama is trying to scale back the attacks on Hillary and Bill:

If anybody can put their arms around the party and say we need to be together, it is Bill Clinton,” a senior Obama aide said.

“He’s brilliant, he has got heart and he cares deeply about the country. It’s tricky because of his position as Hillary’s spouse, but his involvement is very important to us.

“Bill Clinton will give permission to Hillary supporters to come into our camp and become one party. He is critical to this effort.”

Racially offensive Bill Clinton? I can just imagine how the Obama campaign will spin this: ‘Bill Clinton has done so much to destroy the Democratic Party over the last two decades, first as  the only two-term Dem President in memory and second for providing economic stability and growth, that Bill fucking owes Dems big!

Historic McCarthyism? One big reason I dumped Dems is succinctly detailed by a seasoned observor of US politics.

The massed ranks of male pundits gleefully pronounced that Clinton had lost the battle with Obama immediately after the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, despite past precedents that strong second-place candidates (like Ronald Reagan in his first, ultimately unsuccessful campaign in 1976; like Ted Kennedy, Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson and Jerry Brown) continue their campaigns until the end of the primary season and, in most cases, all the way to the party convention.

None of these male candidates had a premature political obituary written in the way that Hillary Clinton’s has been, or was subjected to such righteous outrage over refusing to quiesce and withdraw obediently from what, in this case, has always been a knife-edge race. Nor was any of them anything like as close to his rivals as Clinton now is to Obama.

…The danger is that, in their headlong rush to stop the first major female candidate (aka “Hildebeast” and “Hitlery”) from becoming president, the punditocracy may have landed the Democrats with perhaps the least qualified presidential nominee ever.

Hillary Clinton: Sociopath? I’ll add the necessary qualifier that I’ve found almost all real-life supporters of Obama to be extremely civil. These same folks are also of the opinion that HRC and her husband are driven by ambition and have engaged in the worst form of politics.

The Obama campaign has succeeded in convincing many of its most ardent supporters that Bill and Hillary Clinton are destructive, divisive forces in the Democratic Party. The Sunday Times, however, claims that the Obama campaign is hailing Bill Clinton as the one individual who can bring the Democratic party together.

I’m glad to be rooting for the non-Dem. I suspect the ‘Hillary is sticking around until Obama is assassinated’ media campaign will drive all but the Obama bots and a few die-hard Dems straight into the arms of the non-Republican John McCain.

Who could have imagined?


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  1. A truth-twist too far? And now the bots are begging Bill Clinton to bring Hillary’s ignorant, clingy, bigoted supporters on board and rescue Obama?

    Revolting stuff.

  2. … that’s politics.

    Still not voting for McCain.


    • kj on May 25, 2008 at 18:53

    bomb, bomb, bomb…

  3. that’s what makes life so interesting. We can have pig-headed, wrong-thinking individuals but that’s a beautiful thing.

  4. whacked and inconsistent, logistically and morally. Talk about the insanity of identity politics, yours outrage has nothing to do with the candidates or the issues just the supporters. You have lost all track of what any of this means other then your own confused personal vendetta, against who? and for what?

    As for Big Dog being the key to getting the hysterical Hillary voters in line, at this point he seems positively sane compared to her. I think however he will use his considerable power and long gone charm for achieving his own ambitions getting back in the WH no matter what the cost. All the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put this smashed up egg back together. Let them go, look what they have done to your poor head.


  5. Only Bill Clinton can save the Democratic party?

    Only Bill Clinton can save his own legacy.

    But hey, if an appeal to Billy’s ego is what finally helps Obama put an end to all of this nonsense, then it’s a winner for everyone (except Hillary of course).


    BTW kidneystones,

    What do you think about Bob Barr running as an independent?

    He seems like just the kind of futile protest candidate you could really go for.

    Or are you still stuck on that feminist hero McCain?

  6. us or yourself about the righteousness of supporting McCain.

    I am like NPK, I don’t do that whole “cult of the candidate” thing. I don’t think Obama or HRC will pave the streets with gold give us all happy juice and instantly declare world peace. Politics just doesn’t work that way, even the most naive of leftists know that.

    Me. I don’t care about McCain’s experience. I am more interested in the fact that he will appoint a conservative to the Supreme Court who will dismantle the last of abortion legality, rule unfavorable against civil rights challenges, make rulings that continue to favor corporations over people, and on and on. I also care that McCain’s health care plan is not even have a flawed one. I care that he will have to kiss the ring of the Christian rights and given them something. Anybody who thinks that they have lost power of the ability to have ascendancy is overly optimistic.

    I am not sure either Dem candidate is necessarily a “better person” or “morally superior”, I would argue that “morally superior” people generally do not run for President of the United States that all who run have a touch of egoism, vanity, and ambition.

    Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing could ever convince me to give money to or vote for McCain.

    I might be alone in this assertion but my general belief is that people who call themselves “independents” are usually moderate conservative types who aren’t keen on what they view as extremes in ideology on either side.

    Despite the appeal of Obama for many I think the election will still be a close one and McCain does have realistic shot at winning. He will go hard and go dirty in his campaign.

    Your choice is your choice you have your reasons and nothing I say will convince you.

  7. is your point?

    Do you even have one?

    Are you off your meds?

    Jesus H. fucking Christ.

  8. The shark has jumped YOU!

    Not even worth replying to, except to urge you to stop reading the fucking blogs and get some actual perspective. Thanks for the illustration of what the candidate wars have done to even intelligent folks.

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