Pony Party, The Devil’s Clothes

I read an interesting article at the Christian Science Monitor called “Iraqi Women Eye Islamic Law”. (its written by jill carroll, btw)

Because the United Iraqi Alliance is currently being controlled by Shiites, the oppressive sharia law is now taking away some of the rights and freedoms afforded Iraqi women under Sadaam Hussein.  Where Iraq had once been progressive, in relative terms, for a Muslim nation, the laws imposed on women are becoming more conservative.

But Umm Hibba jumps in with concerns that Iran’s theocracy is making Iraq more conservative. “They said what I am wearing is devil clothes,” she says of the time she was recently turned away from the main mosque in Baghdad’s Shiite Kadhimiya neighborhood. She pulls incredulously at the shapeless black robe that got her banned because openings between the fasteners revealed flashes of the long formless dress underneath.

As we all know, the situation is complicated beyond my communication skills and the breadth of a 9 am edt pony party…..and what’s apparent is that the women quoted are saying the right things.  And it’s really hard to guess what they’re really thinking….

And who are we to tell them how to live?  we’re nobody, in that sense…

But i always find myself thinking that it would be nice to have the choice….to follow the strict religious laws and guidelines….or NOT, and not be verbally (or worse!!) assaulted in the street, by strangers…or beaten by your husband…legally…as long as he doesn’t leave a mark….

…sigh…anyone still wondering why we werent greeted as liberators???  anyone???


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  1. Iraq seems to be bit stalled. Permanently.

    • brobin on May 21, 2008 at 15:57

    Oh yeah, the 21st Century.  They have been trying that a lot here in the US lately as well.

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