Pony Party, Anyone seen this?

I’m including a movie trailer in this pony….but not to tell you about a movie, but to ask about one.

Below is the trailer for the movie ‘Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans’, also mentioned on the San Francisco IFF website.  Apparently it is, as the title would suggest, a discussion of the history of the Faubourg Treme section of New Orleans, called simply ‘Treme’ by its residents, and otherwise known as the 6th ward.

Apparently the film’s makers are in the process of fundraising, and we know how i love to support a cause 😉 ..but i know very little about the film…

It’s been shown in NY and CA, and im wondering if any of you…or anyone you know…has seen it??  eh??  it looks pretty awesome…




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  1. what a monday…feels like november, the flyers are down, and my mom wants me to take her to bj’s….and there’s bound to be heavy lifting involved…

    …but i bet i can get her to buy me a coffee on the way… ;0

  2. i got my airline ticket booked for May 30 out of JFK.

    i called today and the lady said it could be end of this week and if not, next week. so, to make sure, i booked it another week out.

    holy am-i-really-moving-to-another-country moly…………………

    yes i am.

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