OR-Sen: Merkley Polls Within Three of Gordon Smith!!!

I’m a happy clam today folks. A new poll was released showing Jeff Merkley within three points of Republican Gordon Smith. Now I understand why Republican Gordon Smith just unveiled an attack ad on Jeff Merkley. He doesn’t want to face Merkley in the general election because Merkley will beat him! Here’s a snippet from Rasmussen:

Gordon Smith, United States Senator from Oregon, remains below the 50% level of support for the third straight month in Rasmussen Reports polling. Any incumbent who polls below 50% is considered potentially vulnerable and this month’s polling contains even more bad news for Smith-support for his potential Democratic challengers is increasing.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Oregon voters finds Smith leading Jeff Merkley by just three percentage points, 45% to 42%. In late March, he enjoyed a thirteen point lead. In February, he was ahead of Merkley by eighteen points.

In the new poll, Merkley’s primary opponent Steve Novick trails Smith by six points, lending weight to the argument that Merkley is the most electable Democrat. The fact that Merkley is in a statistical dead heat with Smith this early in the race shows that we have a huge opportunity in Oregon. The more Oregonians learn about Jeff and what he has been able to accomplish in our state, the more confident I am that we’ll pick this seat up. IMO, Jeff Merkley is not only a very strong progressive, he’s the most well rounded Democratic candidate we have running for Senate.

I know I’ve been writing a ton here and elsewhere about Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley. I can’t help it, this election in Oregon is very important and the primary is just ten days away! It’s not just that we have a chance to pick up a Senate seat, we have a chance to fill it with a progressive candidate who shares our values. Jeff Merkley is not just a dependable progressive vote either, he’s a leader. He led on conservation, fighting climate change, equal rights, funding public education, ethics reform, payday lending regulation, and the Employee Free Choice Act. I sure hope we have his progressive voice in the Senate for many years to come.  


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  1. Our chances are looking good in Oregon right now!

    • H2D on May 10, 2008 at 22:48

    Jeff Merkley’s latest endorsement from 21st Century Democrats is really impressive, too!

    “21st Century Democrats don’t make endorsements lightly, particularly in contested Democratic primaries,” said Mark Lotwis, the Executive Director of the 21st Century Democrats. “But this Senate race is a real opportunity to defeat an entrenched Republican in Gordon Smith, who consistently works against our core values of universal health care, a clean and sustainable environment, living wages and secure jobs, and fair taxation.

    “Jeff Merkley has been a leader for progressive values in Oregon and a fighter for working families. 21st Century Democrats enthusiastically supports Jeff’s campaign because Jeff brings the courage and skill needed to take our nation in the right direction.”

    “I am honored to receive the endorsement of 21st Century Democrats”, said Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley. “Their commitment to progressive values and grassroots organizing are key to winning tough elections. I’m ready to take on the special interests that have been running Washington and fight for hard-working families.”

    Let’s pick off these Bush Republicans one by one…

    • carla on May 10, 2008 at 23:30

    Gordon Smith is definitely RUNNING SCARED, which is why he put out his latest attack ad–going after just Merkley.

    Jeff’s campaign is SURGING against Smith and he can really use your help to keep the momentum going!

    Carla–Netroots Outreach, Jeff Merkley for Oregon

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