Mr. McGoo? No truer words ever could have been spoken!

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Dear All,

As I see a certain “friend” of mine is occupying the top spot, on this the day after his birthday, to which so many of us have been celebrating, his mere existence, in fact, and with absolutely no wish to intrude, pre-empt or diminish the importance of the latest episode of “Through the Darkest of Nights,” of which episodes, I am a great fan, I really feel a great need to give you all something to think about — on this terribly sad eve of Memorial Day.  


First, I want to alert you all to a fact — I tried 5 times to post the following on (I had successfully posted one just before this attempt).  I received a pop-up message, as follows (was not able to copy), but wrote it down:

“Windows Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http:/…

Operation aborted.”

As I said, I attempted to diary the information listed below five times:  sumting wong!

Gore Vidal, has always been, what I consider, possibly the most politically and historically astute of any personage that I am aware of.  His perspicacity is, difficult, if not impossible, to argue with.  And, despite the realities, he offers some humor in his overall assessment – a reference to Mr. McGoo, is priceless.

On the eve of this terribly sad Memorial Day, I hope each of you will nonetheless, take the time to listen to Gore Vidal in this two-part interview with him — truly take in his words, and truly think about them.

Part I

Part II

Hugs to all, of our needlessly sacrificing veterans and their families and hugs to all of us, who truly understand!  


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  1. How about Gore Vidal’s clarity?  Or, your vision!

    • Alma on May 26, 2008 at 03:50

    a fucking idiot, or something?

  2. Thanks for posting this interview, Tahoe, I’m going to watch this later tonight when I can focus fully on what he’s saying.  His insights and assessments of American society, culture, history, and politics are always valuable.

    • Alma on May 26, 2008 at 04:01

    takes me to an unavailable Docudharma page.  My normal link for ConyersBlog is working fine.

  3. sunday of memorial day weekend.

    it was a beautiful summer-like day. clear. warm but not hot. i saw people kayaking in the hudson river as i rode metro north with tons of yankee fans, all pouring out at 125th street to take the two subway stops to see the Bronx Bombers play the Marniners.

    …later: Princeton for dinner. and everybody was taking a break. enjoying the fabulous old buildings, small shops, and food smells. parents pushed baby carriages. lovers  held hands. we ate chinese food outside and drank white wine. we walked up nassau street and found an ice cream shop. we giggled with dawn’s daughters and pretended to be street statues. it was a good day.

    part of this fight is to go out and have a wonderful tomorrow. stir up all the things that are right about the world. like your daughter!

    keep the wonderful things vivid and present. . . it’ll keep us infused with the energy we need to kick some ass!!!

    loved the gore vidal vid!!!

  4. Gore Vidal is one of our most brilliant thinkers.  Unfortunately my computer crashed halfway through the second video so I’m going back to watch it again.


  5. was pretty scary.  Gore Vidal is a mofo of the highest order.

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