Metaphor Department: Hillary Campaigns On

So, it turns out that Hillary will campaign on.  No matter what.  Lending herself millions.  Fighting on and on.  I’ve seen this before:

Enough already!  Basta ya!


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  1. Thanks for watching.

  2. but i wouldn’t tell her to stop either. just like i wouldn’t tell nader not to run for president.

    we think we know what’s best. but our collective track record over these seven plus years has been pretty pitiful… and i mean for all of us.

    it’s really up to us. how grown up we, she, and Barack will be as this plays out.

    maybe we ought to take stock and instead of focusing on Hillary, look at each other and figure out how to get back control of our political process and find the ability to talk to one another about issues. we have to discuss the SUV in the driveway, as it were. Stake positions. Out loud.

    instead of allowing the fucking lamestream media to be our proxy…

    just my opinion anyway…

  3. I don’t know whether she’s really going to campaign on or just maneuver her exit as best she can. But the media narrative has been written, and we all know what that means…its over. Que fatlady 🙂

    The thought I had as I was turning off the coverage and going to bed last night is to suggest that Obama take a page from George W’s book and pick a running mate that is even more frightening to the right than he is. That, and don’t travel in any small planes. Do you get my drift???

  4. To position herself for 2012, if nothing else. With the size of the egos involved in the presidential races, candidates don’t get as close to the presidency as she did just to walk away. Cockburn says nothing will get her out.

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