Liveblog (cfp08) 21st Century Panopticon: Fusion centers

Another liveblog from the Coinference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy. Session on closed circuit law enforcement video surveillance and law  enforrcement data sharing and mining via “Fusion Centers.” Panelist bios at… .

EPIC’s resource on Fusion Centers  


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  1. DC Police program of going door to door seeking permission for home searches flor firearms in minority neighborhoods, with promise of amnesty for any found.

    He established the “Amnesty promise was bogus. Residents of public housing would be evicted if anything found.

    ACLU distributed door hangers denying consent. Chief has backed off on the program, for now.

  2. Ex-FBI, now with ACLU. Undercover in militia groups in ’90s.

    Fusion centers are info sharing of intelligence. 800,000 State and local law enf. as “eyes and ears” of feds.

    Goes beyond sharing info on criminals. Incorporates business records as well as LE.

    LAPD Special Order directs officers to report “suspicious activity of criminal or noncriminal activity.”

    Some reported activiuties, “advocating extreme cviews” “Videotaping with no esthetic value.”

  3. to prep my presentation at next workshop bloc.


    Also check out the available surveillance capacity of the wireless digital Orwellworld when digital TV becomes a reality this winter.

    • pico on May 22, 2008 at 19:47

    this is good to know.

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