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We’re minutes away from a live blog over at the EENR Blog with Nebraska Senate candidate Scott Kleeb. Get your questions ready for Kleeb and get ready to talk with the next Senator from Nebraska!

Before we start our conversation with Scott Kleeb, let’s get to know the candidate from Nebraska a little better. Scott Kleeb grew up a military brat, living on miltary bases overseas for much of his childhood. When he returned to Nebraska, he worked as a ranch hand in Colorado and Nebraska. Kleeb attended Yale University and received a Masters degree in international relations, a PhD in history, and paid special attention to agricultural economics. Here’s a snippet from his website about the beginnings of his political career:

Scott got a coveted position at the United Nations Policy Planning and Analysis Unit and served as an Associate World Fellow at Yale. His formal education done, Scott returned to Nebraska, just as he dreamed he would and with the same desire to serve in whatever way he could. He decided to run for Congress, nearly winning as Democrat in one of the most Republican districts in America. Scott took a job at Morgan Ranch and teaches American history at Hastings College in Nebraska

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Wanna know where Kleeb stands on the issues? Here is a quick breakdown of where Scott Kleeb stands on the most pressing issues our nation is facing.

Kleeb on Iraq

Scott Kleeb is calling for a clear plan for the Iraqi Government to take control over their own country. Kleeb has been adamant about leaving no permanent bases in Iraq and beginning a phased troop redeployment. One issue I rarely hear politicians bring up is the humanitarian crisis the people of Iraq are facing. Kleeb believes we have moral and regional security reasons to address the two million displaced Iraqis. Here’s a snippet from his website about his views on Iraq:

We must also press Iraq’s political leaders and encourage the larger civil society to seek a new accord on the country’s Constitution and governance.  Furthermore, we must redouble our efforts to develop a strong, multilateral regional diplomatic framework to address difficult questions like federalism and oil revenue-sharing within Iraq.  This renewed diplomacy will simultaneously further isolate al Qaeda, support reconciliation among Iraq’s sectarian groups, and allow the US to bring the money home and invest it where it’s needed.

Kleeb on Health Care

Scott Kleeb believes that every American, no matter their economic status, should have access to health care services. Kleeb favors a public/private partnership to provide health care for all Americans. Kleeb also wants to lessen the financial stress on employers who provide health care coverage by offering tax incentives. In an interview with the New Nebraska Network, Kleeb talks about how every American should have the same coverage that members of Congress receive:

At a minimum, any such plan must be similar to that offered through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, the plan all Members of Congress have, and that it would cover all essential medical services, including preventative, maternity, and mental health care.  Physical illness must be covered on parity with mental illness.  We also provide affordable premiums, co-pays, and deductibles with a guarantee of easy enrollment for all citizens.

Kleeb on Energy and the Environment

Scott Kleeb believes as many progressives do, that a key to reinvigorating our economy is to create green collar jobs here at home. Kleeb favors a cap and trade system to lower carbon emissions and is a proponent of a grant system that would award states that invest in energy efficiency projects. Kleeb also is advocating a program where incentives are given to reward farmers and ranchers when they promote sustainability by planting trees, restoring grasslands or practicing green farming. Here’s a snippet about his views on energy from his website:

Renewable sources of energy create new industries and hundreds of thousands of jobs, while decreasing costs for the average consumer.  While at the same time, a new energy economy – or green collar jobs – makes our country safer by cutting our dependence on foreign oil and decreasing pollution.

Who Kleeb is up against

Republican Mike Johanns who is currently the Secretary of Agriculture, is an opponent of a woman’s right to choose and equal rights for all. Johanns is opposed to mandated universal health care for all Americans. In his victory speech, he made sure all Nebraskans knew where he stood on UHC:

I’ll fight the one-size-fits-all, government take-over that may work for Los Angeles or New York, but would harm the quality of care here in Nebraska.

In regards to ending our dependence on foreign oil, Johanns believes we need to expand domestic oil production. He also believes we need to lessen regulation on our oil refineries. Johanns believes that we need to invest more money into oil exploration and nuclear energy. Here’s a snippet from his victory speech:

“I need your help in this campaign if you believe like I do that energy independence is as much an economic security issue as a national security issue. For too long our national energy policy has been based on three words NO, NO, NO. No exploration and drilling, no substantial investment in nuclear power, and no long-term strategy to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. It’s time to say yes to an energy policy that puts America first.

How do you feel about Scott Kleeb’s candidacy now? That’s what I thought.

Join us for the live blog!

I hope to see you all back at the EENR blog for the live blog at 8pm et with NE-Sen candidate Scott Kleeb. Get your questions ready! If you’d like to learn more about Scott Kleeb go here.


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