Liars on the Radio, Liars on TV, Liars Driving Cadillacs to Washington DC

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With apologies to Gilbert Shelton who wrote The Day I Set My Chickens Free.

Funny how when anybody speaks the unvarnished truth they sound like a left wing blogger.  Go figure.

Are we sick of being lied to yet?

Study: Bushies Lied 935 Times to Sell Iraq Invasion

By Charles Lewis and Mark Reading-Smith, The Center for Public Integrity. Posted January 24, 2008.

Bush and his top officials waged a campaign of misinformation about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Continued at Alternet


Scotty McClellan please spare me the angst over how you were misled by George Bush.  If you had stood up 5 years ago you’d have had my full attention.  As it stands you’re just another rat fleeing the sinking ship of state.  You are no better than the corporate press you criticize in your 5-years-too-late ‘tell all’ book.  And all the little pundits trying to make themselves out to be victims is pathetic…when the fact is you were all in on it.  We should make it a felony for any politician OR journalist to lie to the public.  It is a far worse crime than those for which we routinely lock people up.

I hope nobody buys your stupid book Scotty, it’s old news dude.




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    • OPOL on May 31, 2008 at 16:47
    • kj on May 31, 2008 at 17:15

    • kj on May 31, 2008 at 17:17

    honey, you’re one cute revolutionary.  @;-)

  1. I love a man who can mix artistic expression and political fervor so beautifully.  

  2. of the revelations brought by McClellan, according to the Washington Post:

    Debacles discovered: War sold with “propaganda,” failure to plan after invasion of Iraq, general lack of candor, “culture of deception,” officials in “permanent campaign mode,” Rove and Libby lied.

    Now, I am as big a fan of British-style dry humor as anyone else, but I am not sure that doing Monty Python skits in the national news media is really the way to advance the narrative.

  3. I was born down south On a Chicken Farm

      Near Nashville Tennessee

    There weren’t nobody there but a sky full of air

     17 billion chickens and me

    And then one day I said, “hey, hey, hey

     I think I’ll take a little LSD.”

    Well, it blew my mind and I felt real kind

     So, I set my chickens free

    Well, There, Were

    Chickens in the pasture, Chickens in the barn.

    Chickens in the cauliflower, Chickens in the corn

    Chickens driving Cadillacs to Washington, DC

    The day I Set My Chickens Free.

    I don’t know who wrote this, but I saw it in a cartoon drawn by R. Crumb.

    • Viet71 on May 31, 2008 at 18:40

    But Americans have demonstrated they don’t care if their leaders lie.  A few examples:

    — LBJ lied about what happened in the Tonkin Gulf, in order

      to start his war in Viet Nam.

    — Nixon lied but was an innocent compared to LBJ.

    — Gerald Ford?  He lied monstrously about the location of

      JFK’s back wound, to bolster the absurd single-bullet


    — Reagan?  Puhleeze.

    — Bill Clinton?  Puhleeze.

    — Shrub:  He’s on a par with LBJ, except, unlike LBJ,

      he’s a certified dumbfuck.

    • Alma on May 31, 2008 at 19:17

    You have to admit that the new Scotty show is better than the old one.  Except on Foxspews, where they have mainly ignored it compared to the other news channels.  

    There are still people in this world that need woken up, and Scotty might get through to a few of them.  I almost feel like he’s my back up.  He’s saying what I’ve been telling wingers for years.  Maybe they’ll believe him, where they just thought I was nuts.

    But no, I’m not buying his book.

    Peace OPOL  


  4. I can feel my ego spiraling out of control already…..:)

  5. things happen when we are ready for them to happen and we will get these bastards. my dutchman said it was over 100 euros to fill his small saab. wOw.

    peace out inDEED!!!

  6. Please do.  I mean, what a compliment!

    Tonight I am going to a benefit for an arts not-for-profit (a dance company). I’m gonna make sure that Ms. ds introduces me to everyone I don’t know, “Hi.  This is my spouse, ds, a leftwing blogger.”  Instant street and literary cred.

    Thanks, Karl.  I love how well you know self promotion. (You fat F*ck).

  7. Museum opens at Woodstock concert site

    Video Report, site won’t allow embed.

    Exhibits give thorough look at generation-defining concert and the ’60s

    CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ did a great report, last week, on this, but they’ve yet to put the report or video up on the site!

    I was in Panama when WoodStock took place.

  8. want to keep feeling lulled by the liars.  It’s been almost worse to not drink the kool-aid, to feel the rage, to keep pinning hopes on spineless “leaders” to step up and stop the lying and corruption.  

    I do believe though, that the kool-aid effect is starting to wear off, as people begin individually to experience the pain brought on by the policies of the liars.  More people have been impacted by the devastation of having family members, friends, acquaintences or community members killed or wounded in the wars; more people are feeling the pain of diminished bank accounts from the effects of high energy and food prices; more people are impacted by personally losing their homes, or losing the value of their homes, or being unable to sell their homes in a market glutted with foreclosures.  

    The lies just aren’t powerful enough to erase the realities anymore.

  9. McClellan says he doesn’t know whether he’ll vote for Bush III in November.

    This isn’t exactly a political conversion, but someone who’s pissed off by how he was treated personally.

  10. Generationally targeted straight out of the think tank organized mafia/CIA/B.F. Skinner mind control studied, demographically targeted ministry of propaganda “media”.  Everything written, transmitted, reproduced in the English language is total and utter Pavlovian bullshit.

    TeeVee is the equivalent of the sci-fi movie “They Live”.

    You don’t need special glasses though, just de-programming.

  11. and as you say:

    Funny how when anybody speaks the unvarnished truth they sound like a left wing blogger.  Go figure.

    I’ve always been a pretty good judge of character… and I’ll take the sound of those left wingers any day over the well-paid talking heads who assault us with slander and lies every time they open their mouths.

  12. We’re more than sick and tired …. understatement.

    My thoughts, generally, on the subject are simply:  We need to learn to be as dismissive of anything they (Repugs) say, as they are of anything we (liberals) say!  

    Look how Rove, from the beginning, twisted everything single thing imaginable.  We need to do the same — only contrary to Rove, we would not be lying!

    As always, thank you for this!

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