Impeachment: Bush Says Yes, Pelosi Says No


President Bush, did you authorize illegal domestic spying?


President Bush, did you authorize the leak of Valerie Plame’s identity?


President Bush, did you authorize torture?



Courtesy of Time For Accountability

President Bush has admitted he authorized illegal domestic spying.

President Bush has admitted he authorized illegal “interrogation techniques.”

Now Scott McClellan and Scooter Libby have stated for the record that Bush authorized the outing of a CIA counter terrorist network.

All three of these are indisputably high crimes and misdemeanors. Only the thinnest veneer of legal parsing stands between Bush and conviction. There has never been a more compelling case for prosecution of a President in the history of our country.

There has ever been a more bizarre convolution of justice than President Bush’s political opponents… charged by law and oath to uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law …actually shielding this admitted criminal President from prosecution.

There are explanations and excuses and expediencies…..But there is no longer any moral or rational reason not to bring impeachment proceedings. It is blatant cowardice to allow a criminal to occupy the office of the President of The United States. The momentous decision by Nancy Pelosi to not impeach under ANY circumstances  is now ridiculous in the face of the evidence. It has rendered everything that America stands for into a tragic farce and a grave insult to the founders and all those who have died for this country.

All that is left to  say is…… Shame on you Nancy Pelosi, shame on you Democratic Congress…everyday you do not prosecute is a day that you are as much traitors to our nation as those who have committed these crime right in front of your eyes.

This ongoing travesty must end.



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  2. You are the master.

    • Edger on May 30, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    Onto a cross.

  3. Nothing like a good buhdy impeachment rant to get the blood flowing.

  4. I just heard one of the pundits on CNN’s Situation Room say–(not an exact quote) that:  Clinton had the same information about WMD that Bush had, so people should stop saying that bush lied. !!!!  

    Of course, Blitzer didn’t ask her why, then, didn’t Clinton invade Iraq?  Blitzer also didn’t pin her down on the fact that the bushies not only didn’t bother to make damn certain that the information was true, they gambled the lives of the Iraqis, of our troops and the health of our economy on what turned out to be 100% wrong “information”.

    There is more than assigning blame involved in holding the bush administration accountable.  They started an unnecessary war, and as each supposed justification for the war was discredited, they announced another reason for invading, then remaining in Iraq.  

    When planes crash, when there is a fatal auto crash, when bridges collapse–when other preventable disasters–people are assigned to determine what whet wrong and how future such incidents can be avoided.  IMHO, in a case like this, where our leaders went to war based on what turned out to be incorrect “evidence”–the citizens of this country have every right to determine exactly why that happened.  No spin.  No CYA.  No propaganda.  If we don’t learn a lesson this time around, we’re doomed to keep repeating this horror.  As the bushies have demonstrated repeatedly that they have no intention of voluntarily admitting to any wrongdoing, or to even testify–I believe that impeachment is the only way to get all the information needed to find out exactly how things have gone so wrong, and who is at fault.

  5. make yourself a hat and join me in considering that Nancy “Off-the-Table-Into-the-Excrement” Pelosi is afraid of what Peeping Bush would reveal about her/her family/her connections/etc that he discovered while illegally spying on everyone.  (Of course it might be that Nancy Pee and the other complicit enablers are afraid of prosecution for war crimes themselves because of what they knew and did nothing about).

    The Telecoms’ equipment captures the WHOLE data stream (yup, everything to and from everyone) and the software mines that data for anyone they choose to “listen to”.  They are able to grab everything back to the spring of 2001 (and probably before).  Ain’t technology grand!

    A Japanese proverb says “The nail that sticks up will be hammered down.”

    Traditionally each incoming administration excuses the previous one for any potential wrongdoing that may have occurred.  Bill “Republican-Lite” Clinton excused the previous criminal gang.  Daddy “Once-a-Spook-Always-a-Spook” Bush excused Ronnie “The-Trained-Liar” Ray-Gun’s mob (even if Ronnie couldn’t remember their names or his).  And on and on and on….

    I’ve watched this horror unfolding for more years than I care to reveal.  It occurred to me in the late sixties (Yippie!) that generally the Republicans are all about Big Business and the Democrats are all about Big Government.  If you aren’t either one of those The Government tells you, “Bend over.  I’ll drive.”

    I’m hoping (deluding myself?) that this time there will be real, sweeping and fundamental changes.

  6. …and see what will sprout from the ashes, you maniacal Rovian left wing sloggers, er buggers, er bloggers!

    Some saw this coming from the get g0!

    • sharon on June 1, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    we’re still working towards it in nueva york.  have an impeachment candidate to run against jerry nadler, chairman of the hjc subcommittee on the constituion, civil rights, and civil liberties who is refusing to impeach.  we’re getting to him – he has now added impeachment to his stump speech trying to excuse his position and say that we should wait till january and criminally prosecute.  the truth is that there is no guarantee it will happen – something he said to us a year ago.  i think it is slightly more likely with an obama presidency, but only slightly.  the dems have to stand up and do this.  otherwise they have allowed a rogue executive to subvert the constitution and change the balance of power in our government.  this is about holding them accountable for their crimes and preserving our constituion and form of government.  to me the second half of that is more important because of the wider implications.  it is not too late to impeach, and i haven’t given up hope that it will happen.

  7. in my “affluent” suburban area in past months has been solidly and noticably vacant of people purchasing stuff.

    People not purchasing stuff because they have to put money into their gas tanks to get to work is affecting those Chinese workers and CEO’s and our government’s push to export American jobs.

    More important than the assasination of Obama is the assasination of Pelosi.

    1. I’m all in favor of whatever will put these criminals behind

      bars!  And in all truth, I don’t give a flying fig (read fuck)

      how it happens.  If “suspension” is the way to make it happen

      then let’s make that happen!  What I do know is that

      until something positive happens we’ll just be swimming

      in the same pool with the same sharks…

    • Valtin on June 2, 2008 at 10:22 am

    The momentous decision by Nancy Pelosi to not impeach under ANY circumstances  is now ridiculous in the face of the evidence. It has rendered everything that America stands for into a tragic farce and a grave insult to the founders and all those who have died for this country.

    Very well said, and to the exact point. (And you probably hadn’t even read about Bush’s secret prison ships yet, either.)

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