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Once again the old say “A picture speaks a thousand words” can pop into ones mind.

Thomas, over at G.I. Special – Military Project starts out his latest News Letter with the following recent photo of ‘The War pResident’.

He captions the above with the following:


The disgusting, dishonorable rat traitor piece of shit Bush ignores the salute from soldiers at a review of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, May 22, 2008, at Fort Bragg, N.C. {AP Photo/Charles Dharapak}

While that’s a tad, just a tiny tad, bit harsh for me I do have to agree with his description!

The CiC not paying attention to the troops, many having multiple tours in his Occupations of Choice, with Bragg having to redo their Base Memorial for the fallen as they had no more room to add to the names, seems to just like giving silly snickers to those snapping his photo’s, or waves to no one in particular. Even the CiC Nixon showed at least a tad bit more respect for those serving under his command as wrong as he was, unless of course you were military personal and veterans totally against his war mongering policies, he used the government agencies to spy on you than.

But you see the bushy is one tough hombre, or so he would like everyone to think, the ones that don’t use that gift. As to his soldiering Tough doesn’t come to mind. For most of us ‘Nam Vets, untill we see the purged documents of his missing service records from the Champagne Guard Unit his connections got him into, He’s Still AWOL! And any wingers, don’t give me the simplified “But he got an Honorable Discharge,” crap, they all did, wether they attended training or not, unlike many in regular guard units!

And how are things going in his Occupation of Choice in Iraq:

I  received the latest MoJo {Mother Jones} newsletter last night. Always interesting commentary can certainly be found at MoJo.

The following was their question in the newsletter:

Has anyone seen $15 billion in reconstruction funds? If so, the Pentagon’s Inspector General is looking for them.

And it refers to this: Billions of Dollars Unaccounted For in Iraq, Pentagon IG Reports

They start the commentary out with the following:

Want to see a signature worth $320 million? Click here (PDF). It belongs to Jack Gardner, an official with the now-defunct Coalition Provisional Authority, who in July 2003 authorized that amount to be transferred to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance for the payment of Iraqi salaries. There are no other records of the transfer, just Mr. Gardner’s John Hancock. Now that’s power.

I added the {PDF} just so’s you wouldn’t think that by clicking the link all you see is someones John Hancock, it’s more than that.

There’s abit more with some backlinks of interest.

And it closes with this:

To date, Pentagon auditors have referred 28 cases to criminal investigators.

So to change the subject, as this corrupt administration finds extremely easy to do for the short term memory of most of the populace, lets bury it and instead blame those being occupied:

“In our estimation, the theft, conversion or other misappropriation of U.S.-provided funds and supplies by Iraqi government officials severely undermines our troops’ mission in Iraq,” Dorgan and Whitehouse wrote. “It is even more outrageous when these resources are diverted to our enemies and help finance, arm and equip attacks against American soldiers.”

“Hello” is there anyone home in that bubble we call our capital Washington? It’s your Puppet Government in Iraq! We Occupy their country! We’re not only Morgaging the next couple of our generations treasury, we’re creating the conditions for threats on the National Security of the Country and it’s Citizens, no matter where they may be! why do you think your puppet government are going along with your extreme failed policies, their going to make sure we stay for as long as possible, your corrupt buddies there are reaping wealth from your dangerous stupidity! They’re going to funnel some of the monies to their supporters and militias to keep the danger level high and to hell with the innocents, their own country children, women and men, the ones who haven’t already fled the carnage!

Now who might just be one who puts an end to your Debacle/Quagmire and your puppet government in Iraq:

According to an AP dispatch, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani is inclined to issue a series of fatwas declaring what amounts to a defensive jihad against the occupying US troops. The Ayatollah’s spokesman Abdul Mahdi Karbala’i, recently said that Sistani was against the Maliki government offensive on the Mahdi Army in Basra and Sadr city.

Sistani, and the other religious leaders, all sects, can not only quickly enhance the carnage and battles towards the occupiers, they can also issue decree’s that would greatly deminish a sect on sect civil war, that’s been a fact right from the beginning, same can go towards Afganistan.

And as this is Memorial Day Weekend what are the, mostly chickenhawk, magnetic ribbon, goldstar bandaid, rush and fox news cheerleaders doin on the Homefront, well some are going out for an American Staple, McDonalds is so passe:

$175 Hamburger on Menu at Wall Street Burger Shoppe

If you thought dropping $81 on a hamburger at The Old Homestead was enough to prove you’ve arrived, think again, hayseed – New York’s newest culinary status symbol, the “Richard Nouveau” burger at Wall Street Burger Shoppe, is going to cost you over twice that. They’re charging $175 for the experience, but money’s no object when it comes to showing the other hedge-funders you’ve completely lost touch with reality, right?

Now one report about the above pretty much covers the state of this society we’ve created:

21/05/2008 By Annika Burgess, Macquarie Radio Network

A hamburger with the lot and then some, on sale in New York, will cost you a whopping $180.

The New York restaurant is tempting wealthy customers with a burger made of Kobe beef, topped with gold flakes, black truffles, a thick slab of seared foie gras and aged Gruyere cheese.

Wall Street Burger Shoppe co-owner Kevin O’Connell told CNN, the pricey item has been a hit with customers.

“What I heard honestly is a man who said he was giggling while he ate it, and this is not the type of guy who looks like he would giggle much.”

Described as a ‘work of art,’ the burger flecked with gold is said to be popular with Wall Street Gordon Gekko-types.

Now I’m not a picky eater, I just like need food and have it taste good to the buds, there isn’t much I find offensive to eat and I don’t care how it’s arranged on a plate. But I’d like you to get a picture of eating a $180 hamburger flecked with gold, and the rest from above. Now as nature would have it our food goes in one hole, the mouth, and the body uses some for living and energy, the rest comes out another bodily hole, got the picture.

Now if these greedy souls stay to form they’ll crap in little porta potties, search through their waste and grab those gold flecks. Get enough, after way too many status burgers, they could melt the flecks down to form little gold coin size trinkets and get a few bucks back.

And are these souls concerned about our misadventures of death and destruction, not the least!!

Happy Thoughtful Memorial Day

And as we close in on the political party conventions, especially the Republican one, lets not forget how the ‘Strong on National Defense” group, at least that’s what they’d like everyone to think as they create more Hatreds and Enemies of our Country so they act strong?, “Support Our Troops”, especially us ‘Nam Vets!:


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  1. Anyone in or near Statesville North Carolina, we will once again have the

    Arlington South Memorial Prayer and Peace Vigil this Memorial Day?

    In Mac Anderson Park ,

    433 Race Street, Statesville , N.C.

    This memorial is intended to be a place to honor and acknowledge those who have lost their lives.

    They are finishing setting up the well over 3200 crosses, and other religious symbols, this morning. it will be there tomorrow and monday.

    I’d be up there now myself but getting some work on my van, will be there tomorrow!

  2. if it’s bad form to post a first comment (leaving with the family).

    Hate isn’t an emotion that’s part of me anymore, BUT in this case nothing would please me more than to see bush and the pompous burger boys unceremoniously slapped back down to earth. People have been fucking maimed and murdered by these fools and yet, they grin and chuckle.


  3. “i’m here for the photo op”


    • RUKind on May 25, 2008 at 06:14

    Without the Insurgents there would be relative peace and Iraq could recover on its own. With the Insurgency we have to stay there and prop up an illegitimate puppet government (much like our illegitimate puppet government). No war, no cash flow. No cash flow, no billions to plunder.

    The dead and maimed are just necessary distractions to keep the populace on both sides pouring blood into the equation. The cash and the blood will flow until the oil starts flowing. The good news is that Basra is settling down and now Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force can say Mission Accomplished. Oil is heading for $200 a barrel and they have their paws on the world’s second largest known reserves.

    Next up, Iran. More cash flow, more blood more oil. More Islamofascist Insurgents to fund. Whoopee! Can $500 burgers be far behind?

    Pass the ketchup, please.

    • Mu on May 25, 2008 at 09:33

    I’m gettin’ saluutafied!”


  4. I dunno.

    The disgusting, dishonorable rat traitor piece of shit Bush

    It works for me in terms of accuracy and precise description.

    A small correction: Your chapter 140–the town is spelled Meadville, no “e” between D and V.

    And is there a time for the vigil in Statesville?

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