Iglesia………………………………………Episode 56

(Iglesia is a serialized novel, published on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight ET, you can read all of the episodes by clicking on the tag.)

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“What The Fuck?” Iglesia, of course.

Her voice came from where her mouth used to be but wasn’t now, visibly at least.

Well, I am afraid to say” Rogers said solemnly “that it has come time to remind you that you are both, for lack of a better word, dead. You no longer have physical form, that you no longer possess bodies. Up until this moment it has been necessary and desirable for you to retain your ‘identities.’ Otherwise it was quite possible that you would just, well, disperse…as a sizable portion of  dead people are wont to commence doing when the realization of their fate penetrates and overtakes their consciousness. The forms that you have seemed to inhabit in your time here have been but constructions of you sense memories, augmented and enhanced by your humble host, myself.”

“However now that your true training is commencing in earnest, certain concepts that would interfere with that training….such as the concept that you retain, um, bodies…must be eliminated, or at least severely modified. You left your bodies behind on the earth plane, when you came here”

“As did I.” Rogers disappeared as well.

“Well I’ll be dipped in shit!” Abe was silent.

Rogers continued, “We exist now merely as, shall we say, concentrations of consciousness. Which is why training that consciousness is vitally important. Both so you can be useful to our cause and mission, and so that you…to put it quite bluntly, continue to exist at all. Without the focus of a form or without training, your …self, your consciousness will begin to gradually evaporate. That which is truly you will truly die, a death much deeper than that of the body.”

“I understand from my own experience what a shock this must be…a shock that quite probably you do not even appreciate fully at this point. Those wiser than I, those who have come before us, have deemed it wise at this point to follow certain procedures.” They all reappeared…Abe was sitting on the floor holding his head in his hands. “Procedures that are essential to retaining your self, your personality….your identity. The first of those,” he walked over and lifted Abe to his feet, “is a ‘hearty meal’ and a ‘good night’s sleep,’ if you will follow me?” He turned and led Abe towards a conventional looking door in the closest wall. Iglesia followed, quietly.


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  2. That’s most definitely interesting.

    If this was Ask a Kossack, I’d ask what they’re in training for and you’d have to give me a free answer.

    So, let’s imagine this is Ask a Kossack.

    What are they in training for, Buhdy?  

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