Iceland first, Iraq last

Iceland topped Vision of Humanity’s Global Peace Index of 140 countries that analyzes how peaceful they are regarding international policy and domestic conditions, The Financial Times reported Tuesday.

Because of continued violence since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, Iraq ranked last in the index developed by the organization based in Australia.

So says annual study ranking nations on how peaceful they are

And where does the U.S. stand in this years study on Humanity’s Global Peace Index List, well we’re number 97th, down one from 96th last year.

And why:

Index officials said the United States’ position reflects its military expenditures and engagement. It also has more citizens in jail than any other nation, proportionally.

Vision of Humanity

Vision of Humanity groups together a number of interrelated initiatives focused on global peace. It brings a strategic approach to raising the world’s attention and awareness around the importance of peacefulness to humanity’s survival in the 21st century. read more

Business & Peace

Peace is a powerful concept. However, the notion of peace and its value in the world economy is not well understood. One of the key findings of the Global Peace Index was that there is a strong relationship between peace, business and national wealth. read more

Sustainability & Peace

Peace and sustainability are the cornerstones of humanity’s survival in the 21st century. The major challenges facing humanity today are global – climate change, lack of fresh water, ever decreasing bio-diversity and over population. read more

Much more can be found at the Vision of Humanity website.

So in celebration of our ranking this year we should all show our patriotism by doning those lapel U.S. flag pins and lets double the size for better viewing, so nobody misses the fact we’re wearing them.

Torture and Guantanamo Bay, amoung all the rest of our ‘Appeasement’ prisons, should make us all proud for next years rankings, as we drop even further.

I would also suggest that a new Auto Magnetic Symbol campaign be formed, Everyone To Paticipate, we need to replace all those missing ‘Support The Troops’ magnetic ribbons on our vehicles, to show our pride in being in the second half of the Peace Index and Falling!

The new symbol should be a gravestone, in gray, with number 97 very prominant and followed with “We’re Number 97th”, “We’re Number 97th”, “We’re Number 97th and Falling”!

Now a big hand, we could wear, with 97 fingers upraised, would be a tall order as another symbol, but if someone could come up with one just think how wealthy you would become and you’d be able to keep that wealth with your fast disappearing taxes not needed to be payed and offshoring the company you set up.