Democrats Work & Darcy Burner – Serving Well By Actually Serving

(“We are not just Democrats on Election Day; we are neighbors united throughout the year working to improve our communities.” – promoted by pfiore8)

Somewhere along the line the pundits forgot that politics doesn’t begin and end in Washington, DC.  They focus on FOX News appearances and ABC debates and the words of a pastor, but they fail to look at how some of us are making appearances in our communities, finding solutions, and getting beyond words.  

With every campaign talking about change this year, let’s look some of the people who are changing the way they campaign.  Let’s look at people who aren’t just saying how they would act if they were elected, but are showing through their actions the very nature of their commitment and leadership.  

Democrats Work is a national service organization that is generating a new politics of service. We are not just Democrats on Election Day; we are neighbors united throughout the year working to improve our communities. We vote based on our values, and with our feet and hands we put those values into action. Perhaps with the right representatives in Congress, we may get the tools we need to preserve the environment. If we pick up our tools and get to work, we will preserve the environment.

Some people get it. Darcy Burner and Washington State Democrats get it.  Darcy is running for Congress to represent the 8th District, and her race to represent folks living along the Green River does not begin and end on television or in DC. Her race begins at places like the Green River and stretches across the country without ever forgetting where it is rooted.

That is why Darcy is joining Democratic volunteers mobilized by Democrats Work to make a difference. On  Saturday, May 3rd at 10:00 a.m. they will be meeting at Flaming Geyser State Park for the Friends of the Green River Cleanup with rakes, work gloves, and a belief that what we do matters more than what other people just promise.  If you’re in the neighborhood, join us.

With friends and partners like Darcy Burner, Democrats Work is changing the way politics is done from the Puget Sound, over the Rocky Mountains, and all the way to the Chattahoochee River in Georgia. To learn more visit us at

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  1. please post a tip jar… and keep posting this types of essays all over the blogosphere.

    also, here at DD, we’re starting a panel to discuss things just like this… masslass and RUkind are behind this idea. please visit their essays and perhaps you and they can network and spread this idea.

    fabulous. again. love it!!!

    and welcome to Docudharma (DD).

  2. I remember politics from my childhood… I do so hope we can find our way back. We have a chance now… let’s all vow to take it!

  3. Need A Little Help

    • Mu on May 1, 2008 at 16:33

    I’ll give her more this time.  

    She has more integrity and smarts in her little finger than the GOP has in its entire, bloated, inflamed, corrupt body.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing her at the top of a Democratic ticket someday.

    Mu . . .

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