Cindy McCain’s Arrogance

So, Cindy McCain says she’ll NEVER release her tax returns.  Poor Miss Too Rich and Impossibly Blond Cindy McCain, heir to a booze fortune and wantin’ to be First Lady, but, by damn, nobody’s gonna know about MY finances.

The arrogance.  The hubris.  The Republicanism.

See The Video of Cindy sweetly sneering at even the notion that, as a public figure, and as wannabe First Lady, she has any obligation to come clean on her riches.

Wonderful.  What a likable person.

Mu . . .



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  1. I used to think McCain was using Cindy Lou Hensley for her family’s money. Now I’m not so sure. I think the Hensley’s found in John McCain the “perfect” vehicle for the family’s political ambitions. Marry the McCain’s family’s military service with the Hensley’s family’s money. I wonder how mushy McCain’s mind was and still is?

  2. Remember the Keating 5? Yeah, John McCain was deeply involved in that fiasco.

    Ever wonder who the book keeper during the Savings & Loans scandal was for McCain?

    Cindy McCain.

    That’s right!


    Seriously, come late September/early October, I am going to unload on McCain.

    • Mu on May 8, 2008 at 22:21

    . . . but I wanted to get this “out here” for discussion.  Crazy day today.  Feel free, anyone, to do another more thorough diary on this.

    Mu . . .

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