Brave New Films: The Real McCain 2.


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  2. If the Dems could stop the primary showdown, maybe folks could focus on this.  That would actually be fun. McSame is a complete train wreck.  It’ll be fun to make fun of him.  I bet this video is just the tip of the iceberg.  

  3. Whadda’ trip!!!

  4. a bit of pure delight in the republican hand-wringing that’s been going on this week.

    I even ventured over the Red State to see how the wingnuts were handling it. And I found Noonan’s latest piece, Pity Party. All I can say is “WOW” these folks are sinking.

    Just a few snips:

    The Republicans? Busy dying. The brightest of them see no immediate light. They’re frozen, not like a deer in the headlights but a deer in the darkness, his ears stiff at the sound. Crunch. Twig. Hunting party.

    Many are ambivalent, deep inside, about the decisions made the past seven years in the White House. But they’ve publicly supported it so long they think they . . . support it. They get confused. Late at night they toss and turn in the antique mahogany sleigh bed in the carpeted house in McLean and try to remember what it is they really do think, and what those thoughts imply.

    Mr. Bush has squandered the hard-built paternity of 40 years. But so has the party, and so have its leaders. If they had pushed away for serious reasons, they could have separated the party’s fortunes from the president’s. This would have left a painfully broken party, but they wouldn’t be left with a ruined “brand,” as they all say, speaking the language of marketing. And they speak that language because they are marketers, not thinkers. Not serious about policy. Not serious about ideas. And not serious about leadership, only followership.

  5. snippets in his column today about the upcoming conventions:

    The parties’ weeklong infomercials are shaping up as quite a study in contrasts. For all the fears of a Democratic civil war, the planets may be aligning for a truce, and possibly a celebration. As fate has it, the nominee’s acceptance speech is scheduled for the night of Aug. 28, exactly 45 years after the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. electrified the nation with “I Have a Dream.”

    The next day brings another anniversary: Mr. McCain turns 72. And then, on Sept. 1, comes the virtually all-white G.O.P. vaudeville in Minneapolis-St. Paul. You’ll be pleased to know the show will go on despite the fact that the convention manager, chosen by the McCain campaign, had to resign last weekend after being exposed as the chief executive of a lobbying and consulting firm hired by the military junta in Myanmar.

    The conventioneers will arrive via the airport whose men’s room was immortalized by a Republican senator still serving the good people of Idaho. This will be a most picturesque backdrop to the party’s eternal platform battles over family values, from same-sex marriage to abortion.

  6. This is great stuff!  Thanks buhdy  😉

  7. it has to be something in the air, the water, the electromagnetic spectrum.  This one is quite long but well worth it.  The date and the event the changed America forever.

  8. I just sent the video to a few (non-blogging) people via e-mail.  Hope they pass it along.  

    • geomoo on May 19, 2008 at 00:29

    But to be fair, it’s liking shooting fish in a barrel.

    I’m guessing McCain’s candidacy is the result of a bet.  Challenging the DOJ is like playing the Washington Generals, Congress has been a push-over; trampling on the constitution has grown boringly commonplace.  Let’s see if, between Diebold and media control, we can “elect” a candidate whose words mean absolutely nothing.

    “I’ll bet you the Iraqi oil fields against ANWR.”

    “Throw in the life savings of every American, and you’ve got a bet.”

    • Mu on May 19, 2008 at 00:55
    • jim p on May 19, 2008 at 01:27

    As a piece, as an action to take. A perfect example of how to use the internet, imo.

    Went to Posted a comment “The transcripts! Have transcripts been made? We can e-mail the transcript as well as the URL to everyone, including the Washington Press Corps.”

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