Anti-Semites, Gay-baiters, Misogynists Unite!!

Buchenwald, Shmuchenwald, Auschwitz.. Vat’s da difference? Looking to make some new friends among Holocaust survivors? Lie about your support for groups and individuals hostile to Israel. Claim your great grand-daddy liberated one of them heinous Nazi death camps. Which camp? Who cares?

Pandering to Jewish voters on Memorial Day. Wow! Talk about breathing fresh air into old politics! Getting Buchenwald and Auschwitz mixed up shows just how much the Holocaust actually means to Obama. The folks involved in the liberation of Nazi death camps do deserve immense credit. Folks trying to exploit that sacrifice and then bungling it? Not so much.

Family war stories get murky in the re-telling. But if a candidate is going to grandstand on the national stage on the graves of the greatest crimes of the modern age, and make a great big fucking deal about how important it is we all remember the horror and how it happened, the mouthpiece might at least get his fucking facts straight.

Obama’s problem is that many believe Obama couldn’t give a shit about Israel, Holocaust survivors, women, the poor in America, or anything but getting elected. How unfair! Especially when Obama has dedicated his whole life, not to national service or working with the poor in other countries, as he preaches others should do, but building the Obama brand: Change you can believe in Inc.

Obama has written two inspirational books about Himself, in which potential investors/devotees can examine all the un-varnished details as he Himself describes Himself without a hint of self-aggrandizement or dishonesty. The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me, Me.

Clapping hands, singing about Satan and the sin of lying with another man, accusing the ‘woman’ of using her female tricks to win sympathy, standing on the graves of the dead to win a few more votes, this is truly change you can believe in.

Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, William Ayers, Michelle Obama, Donnie McClurkin, Mary-Mary, Bernadine Dohrn, it don’t matter who said what or when; none of these folks in any way speaks for the Obama whose grand-daddy liberated Auschwitz/Buchenwald/ America.

After Obama ascends: No more politics of division, or hate, or cynicism. Any connection between Obama and McClurkin, Ayers, Wright, Michelle Obama et al is purely coincidental. Their actions and statements in no way reflect the deeply-held views of the candidate whose heart brims only with love and hope for all, especially on this special day for all the Jew folks who died in those death camps way-off in Germany/Poland wherever it was; and who, each and everyone of them, owe their liberty to me, my family and my grand-daddy. Whatever.

Don’t forget to vote and God Bless America!


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  1. “In fact, for all the criticism on the left for President Bush mixing faith with politics, some of the speakers essentially described voting for Obama as akin to a religious cause.

    “He’s more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ,” said Kirbyjon Caldwell, a Houston pastor who was on the tour and is backing on Obama.

    One of the more persistent problems that polling has shown for Obama among black voters is not his experience or whether he’s ‘black enough,” as some critics suggested earlier in the race, but doubts among African-Americans about whether a black person can win. Rick Wade, an Obama adviser who focuses on black outreach, gave what amounted to a sermon on Obama’s electability at the start of the concert.

    “There are believers and there are non-believers,” Wade said. “Non-believers would say he’s the most qualified…but they won’t vote for him. He won’t win. Believers would say he will win. Non-believers would say ‘what can we do?’ Believers would say ‘we can do all things,'” he said, and paused before the crowd loudly responded “through Christ Jesus.”

    He continued, “Non-believers would say America is not ready, believers would say we are ready.”

    Obama’s campaign is making religious appeals a huge part of their South Carolina strategy. The concerts were the last part of a “40 Days of Faith and Family” that emphasized Obama’s faith as he seeks to win black voters, who could comprise up to half of the electorate in the Democratic primary. The concert was full of black women, who have become a key contested group between Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    Obama’s campaign has also held “faith forums” in the state where people hear from campaign aides about how the candidate’s faith plays a role in his life and then discuss how faith informs their own lives and their politics. In a shift from traditional Democratic politics, where campaigns often try to win the support of pastors and the candidate mostly just shows up to services on Sundays, Obama’s campaign is trying to build support from individual church members, who are supposed to tell other members of their church and religious people they know about Obama…”

    (From the WP piece above)

    Are you telling all the religious people you know about Obama?

  2. … I will check the links and all, but I have to laugh out loud, literally, at the notion that a politician in 2008 should have memorized all the names of the concentration camps and that this shows anything at all about Obama other than he made a mistake in name.

    I have been soaked in Holocaust history since I was a girl, and have always been fascinated by it in many ways, as are most thinkers.

    I never memorized the names of all the camps or their geography, tho I could probably name a whole lot of them.

    Sue me.

    Again, I’ll read the rest of your essay eventually (it’s awful long and linky, lol).

    But your first argument is just plain weak.

    The Holocaust was not holy.  And the names of the camps aren’t holy either.  I doubt a good rabbi would say different (not that there’s too many of them around any more).

  3. of blogging talent.

  4. that no one is listening to you, right?

    You’d fit in better here.

  5. your really getting sillier and silly with each more frantic essay. Before you came unglued who did you support? If as you say you pray daily what is your problem with religion, your a mass of contradictions all of which end up making a nasty concoction of negativity.

    ‘Be off or I’ll kick you downstairs’  

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