Why Clinton is going to become 2008’s Ralph Nader

Everyone’s talking about Hillary Clinton’s win in Pennsylvania yesterday over rival Barack Obama.  Ten whole percentage points: may I make whoopee in my pants, now?  It’s still not enough to help the senator supposedly representing New York catch up to the one supposedly representing Illinois in terms of pledged delegates.

Clinton’s broke, trailing her Democratic rival by a small but undeniable margin, and now reduced to threatening to nuke Iran in the event it uses its non-existent nuclear weapons to attack Israel (let me reiterate: Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, a finding held by all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies–so the fact that Clinton and Obama keep acting as though the opposite is true means neither of them has a fucking clue on anything, and why we’re supposed to trust their judgment when they can’t even call bullshit on the lies being shat out by the Bush-Cheney regime is beyond my comprehension).  Meanwhile, John McCain gets to have the media give him another round of reportorial oral sex for his “decency” in choosing not to run a dirty ad against Obama.

As recently as last month Zogby and other polls were showing the senator pretending to represent Arizona narrowly ahead of either of his Democratic rivals for the dictatorship.  The Republican is using the time between now and the general election to win back his party’s crazed right-wing base, raise money, and plot out his general election strategy.  Do I even need to continue explaining what this all means?

Hillary Clinton wants the presidency so bad she is willing to tear the Democratic Party asunder in order to get it, leaving it too battered and weak to win in November.  She absolutely cannot let it go, cannot allow an upstart like Barack Obama to “steal” what she thinks is hers by inheritance.  And it sure as hell doesn’t help that Obama is too big a pandering, hard-headed phony to be able to seal the deal and win a clear mandate from Democratic voters by embracing the Edwards-Kucinich bloc.  No, he’d rather use them and dump them to the curb, and his piss-poor performance at the last debate proved he, too, is running out of steam.  Like Clinton, he never expected to have to compete this long for the Democratic nomination, and he is becoming dangerously low on ideas.

So no matter how the remaining primaries play out, this fight is going all the way to the convention in August.  All because Hillary Clinton won’t let go of the illusion that the presidency is somehow hers.  If 2008 accomplishes anything, it may be to finally rid Ralph Nader of the blame (wholly undeserved) for destroying any chance Democrats might have had of winning back the White House this century.

Somebody pass me a brick, so I can throw it at my television set the next time I have news coverage of the campaign on.  Oh, wait, I have my steel mace for that.  Never mind.  At any rate, I’d be really grateful for some ideas for how we might avoid this fiasco–because if we can’t, the massive ego of Hillary Clinton is going to rain shit down on all of America.


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  1. this is it… you got it in a few hundred words… eXactly.

    brilliant rant, Archangel M.

  2. Mr. Nader.

    • TomP on April 24, 2008 at 02:35

    As if Obama were any different from Clinton?

    Which brand of corporate cola do you like?  Obama or Clinton?  Either one is better than McCain, but that’s about it.  I’ll vote for the winner, but I’m fine with the primaries continuing until the nominee is chosen.  

    • Robyn on April 24, 2008 at 03:15

    …a hockey or basketball playoff series and one team falls behind, like two games to one or three games to two and the team behind just wont quit…for the good of the sport, you know.

  3. Lieberman.

    The longer this goes on, the more I’m convinced Hillary is running not for the Democratic Presidential nomination, but for the Republican Vice Presidential one.

    I know. I know. But think about it.

    At this point, McCain and Hillary both know they each have a lot better chance at the Executive Branch if Hillary runs as his VP, hence her recent courting of Scaife and neo-con sounding rhetoric.

    Meanwhile she trashes Obama all the way to Denver, splits the Dems, and paves the way for a ‘bi-partisan’ ticket after her supporters walk out of the convention.

    Hey, it worked for Holy Joe…

    • kj on April 24, 2008 at 05:04

    🙂  I detest the blowhard!  Fuck him!!!!!!   Rat Bastard Rat Bastard!

    just trying to elevate the conversation…

  4. …I conclude that Archangel’s assessment is, sadly, all too accurate, especially in regards to Billary.

    She is so dogging on the goal of Prez, I wouldn’t be surprised if, after not getting the dem-nom, she would split and form a new party and run as a 3rd, 4th or 5th party candidate—The Clintocratic Party!  Or would it be the Hillacratic Party?

  5. Posted on Apr 22, 2008

    By Robert Scheer

    How proud the Clintonistas must be. They have learned how to rival what Hillary once termed the “vast right-wing conspiracy” in the effort to destroy a viable Democratic leader who dares to stand in the way of their ambitions. The tactics used to kneecap Barack Obama are the same as had been turned on Bill Clinton in earlier times, from radical-baiting associates to challenging his resolve in protecting the nation from foreign enemies. Sen. Clinton’s eminently sensible and centrist-to a fault-opponent is now viewed as weak and even vaguely unpatriotic because he is thoughtful. Neither Karl Rove nor Dick Morris could have done a better job.

  6. A thread full of Democrats arguing about which Democrat mediocrity is less mediocre.

    What could be more trivial?

    The candidates can’t break the Democratic party, because it’s already broken.

    But let’s keep pretending that it isn’t, and get passionate about the mystique candidates surround themselves with, rather than facts. That reality stuff is so boring anyway. Can’t have a cheery little kaffeeklatsch talking about Democratic complicity in war and misery, can we?  

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