“We Don’t Torture”

CommonDreams.org has a Great Offer for GrassRoots Action for those of us who aren’t seeking a Fascist Style Government but Love America the way it Should Be and Founding Fathers Sought.

As sensible human beings and American citizens, we all have a duty to prevent torture. Our leaders failed their duty – so now it’s up to us!

Help us build a grassroots movement against torture. With these activist stickers, you can declare, loud and proud: My America Doesn’t Torture!


All orders include free shipping. We offer:

1 sticker for only $2.50

10 stickers for $15

100 stickers for $40

1,000 stickers for $225

Get Yours Here

It’s a no-brainer – the founding fathers opposed torture, the American citizens oppose torture. Yet we’ve been branded as a torturous global bully by George Bush. That’s not my America. It’s time to stand up and say: My America Doesn’t Torture!

If you prefer to order your stickers through the mail, please print and send in this form.

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  1. Your electronic medical records are private.


    If your Zoloft doesn’t work you can always sue right?


    Check your local area for CU waste.


    Ah, our benevolent government at work.

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