Ventura: Chickenhawks, Cusack: Military Contractors

Jesse Unloads on the ‘Chickenhawks’ who force their ‘Wars of Choice’ yet refused to fight when those before them, their peers, did same! And making sure their own don’t come into the Harms way they have set up!                                                                                      

‘Wars of Choice’ make enemies of others, damaging national security, creating possible perpetual Guerilla Conflict from the ‘Blowback’ of Retaliation, Damages Economies, and a Countries Reputation and World Standing!

“I’m Not Ready to Cede the Constitution to This Bunch of Hoodlums!”

John Cusack promotes his new film “War Inc”, which satirizes the military culture that makes companies like Halliburton and Blackwater rich.


  1. and waiting to see John’s movie!

    great to hear Jesse finally let loose.

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