UPDATED. Revelations of intelligence on Syria / North Korea Nuclear facililty questioned.

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The timing of the release of intelligence regarding the link between North Korea and Syria over an alleged nuclear reactor facility that the Israeli’s bombed inside Syria is being questioned by the international community.  

Of course, rightly so because of where the intelligence information is coming from.  The Bush Administration.  Not the most trustworthy group of people on the world stage today, I think we can all agree.

From BBC:

The US has made explicit allegations that the target hit by Israeli warplanes in Syria last September was a nuclear reactor under construction.

It was being built with help from North Korea, the Bush administration said.

But the White House statement – after a series of intelligence briefings on Capitol Hill – raises many questions.

As does the decision to go public just as international talks to try to roll back North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme have hit a critical stage.

Yes, many questions are always raised when the current residents of our White House make any statement.  This is nothing new.  Business as usual, you might say.  

Not to mention, what the hell is up with the dismal lack of credible timing of these cretins?  

They always try to pull the rabbit out of the hat just at the exact time that every man, woman and child in the world KNOWS they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.  

Incompetence or arrogance?  Your call.

The Bush administration is clear – the target of the Israeli air raid last September was an unfinished nuclear reactor being built in Syria with the help of North Korean know-how and technicians.

However, when Israel attacked critics doubted at that time if the target was a nuclear reactor.

‘More evidence needed’

The intelligence briefings on Capitol Hill apparently included remarkable photos obtained by the Israelis from inside the facility which are said to confirm the North Korean link.

Many experts – not least in the US – were sceptical after the air strike, doubting that the target was actually a nuclear reactor.

And they are going to require more public evidence before they will be convinced.

If this was a clandestine nuclear programme, was it, as the administration contends, intended to develop a plutonium-based bomb?

If so, where are the other facilities that would be needed for such a project; a plutonium separation plant or a centre to actually assemble a weapon?

Hmmmm, didn’t think of that one I guess.  

Well, I’m sure there is an explanation.  Unfortunately, I’m also sure that the explaination is contained in a document or three that cannot be released due to National Security.  Or some other lie.

Now, back to the awful sense of timing of this criminal administration.

But one key question concerns the impact that these very public US allegations might have on the six-party nuclear talks with North Korea.

These seemingly interminable discussions intended to roll back Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme have reached a critical juncture.

Reports suggest significant progress is being made, but that the US has agreed not to force North Korea to account for its alleged proliferation activities, notably in Syria.

Is this then an attempt by Washington to clear the air ahead of a subsequent agreement?

Or is it, as some arms control experts fear, a sign that the more hawkish voices within the administration have won the internal battle and are actively trying to scupper what they see as a bad deal with Pyongyang?

Let me see.  

David Petraeus in as Commander of CENTCOM.  ;-(

Vlad Cheney still in office until January, 2009.  ;-(

Pumpkinhead Bush still trying to find his missing legacy.  ;-0

I’ll go with answer B, Alex!  Hawks in the administration.

So, the only question remaining, is in which October Surprise month do you think we begin boming Iran and Syria?  I’m to lazy to create a poll, so just leave your answers in the comments below.


This just in from AP:

U.S. says Iran increasing support of insurgents

The top U.S. military official accused Iran of increasing arms and training support to insurgents in Iraq as well as militants battling U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Defense Department news conference that he has “no smoking gun” proof that the highest leadership in the Iranian government has approved the stepped up aid to insurgents who are killing U.S. and Iraqi forces.

But he said it is clear that recently made Iranian weapons are flowing into Iraq at a steadily increasing rate, including to support insurgents during the recent fighting in Basra in southern Iraq.


and this from Reuters:

U.S.-contracted ship fires toward boats in Gulf

‘A few bursts’ of warning shots used on small vessels believed to be Iranian

A cargo ship contracted by the U.S Military Sealift Command fired “a few bursts” of warning shots in the Gulf at small boats believed to be Iranian, U.S. defense officials said on Friday.

Iran quickly denied the alleged confrontation, according to an unsourced report on Iran Press TV, an English-language Iranian-funded station.


These guys don’t waste any time when they “pull that rabbit out of the hat,” now do they?

Looks like it’s on.  Again.  Or still.


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    It falls between months beginning with an S and an N.

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    over Iran.

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