Up The Country!

We started way back when forty odd years ago so young and strong and innocent and loving and curious and fascinated with possibilities, and all we asked for was a world of honesty, fairness, peace, cooperation, respect for human life and people of all shapes and sizes and colors and sexes everywhere that could ask for and seek the same things… and here it is – two thousand and f’ing eight!

Two thousand and f’ing eight? Long past what I always thought was any reasonable amount of time to live.

Well… here we are. And we still have the nutbars on the run!

Heh! Read the papers or turn the TV on and what do you see and hear? Republicans and Democrats still trying to sell fear to as many people as they can.

Well… Up them! What the hell do they know? When will they ever figure out that in the long run they can’t win?

We’ve still got the music in us.


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    • Edger on April 5, 2008 at 12:58 am

    The Carter Center

  1. but still jammin.

    Everyone’s feeling pretty

    It’s hotter than July

    Though the world’s full of problems

    They couldn’t touch us even if they tried

    From the park I hear rhythms

    Marley’s hot on the box

    Tonight there will be a party

    On the corner at the end of the block

    Didn’t know you

    Would be jammin’ until the break of dawn

    I bet nobody ever told you that you

    would be jammin’ until the break of dawn

    You would be jammin’ and jammin’ and jammin’, jam on

    They want us to join their fighting

    But our answer today

    Is to let all our worries

    Like the breeze through our fingers slip away

    Peace has come to Zimbabwe

    Third World’s right on the one

    Now’s the time for celebration

    ‘Cause we’ve only just begun

  2. Number 15:

    History is written by the winners, the losers write the songs.

    But, then again, there’s always #19:

    There are no happily ever afters, but there are ideas whose time comes around again and again, and some seem to come stronger each time.

    lifted from http://books.google.com/books?…

  3. My friend Mark’s birthday was today, and we celebrated together.

    Mark is (to my mind) very conservative.  Actually, though, he’s registered as an independent.  And he declared–I mean, declared–that he will vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination (“I’ll vote for the Democrat nominee” is how he phrased it, IIRC).

    Given that I live in a very GOP-oriented area (I mean, GWB can fuck up everything, as per usual, and the stupid locals will apologize for all his mistakes and misstatements), Mark’s comment was quite an eye-opener.  He’s ex-Army, his sister is a military nurse…you get the drift.


    Pardon me if this is out of line, but: isn’t this the demographic we should be talking to, and trying to persuade to join us?  Instead of fighting among ourselves over whom we believe the candidate should be?

    I’m not sayin’…I’m just saying….

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  5. Latino Politico introduced me to Ozomatli. They’re younguns that are carrying the torch. And since its finally Saturday, how bout a party?

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