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Just got done listening Rachel Maddow [humorously] tear into John McCain for his apparent inability to distinguish between Shiite and Sunni, Baathists, criminal gangs and the ever nebulous ‘Al-Qaeda in Iraq’. McCain’s continued need to ensure Iranians are somehow implicated in every action – even if it’s Baathists or common criminals committing them is yet another part of the narrative, echoed by Petraeus and Crocker today in Senate testimony.

Even with public prompting from Lieberman aside, these ‘errors’ being made by McCain are being buried by the traditional media in the US at every turn. The links to show ‘Iranian influence’ are tenuous at best, but yet continue to be offered for everything that has gone wrong in Iraq.

McCain [and the Bush administration] need the traditional media to keep burying these supposed “gaffes”. I say supposed, because I think McCain and these administration shills are doing these ridiculous conflations quite on purpose.

I think it’s quite clear to most that John McCain is not capable, given the current economic woes and the worsening situation in Iraq of beating either leading Democratic challenger. The polls are based upon a false choice, that of a current primary campaign and the overheated disaffection caused by same.

When the smoke clears from the Democratic convention, given the same general situation on the ground in Iraq and an economy in free fall, John McCain will have little chance of winning; all signs show a strong shift to Democratic Party ideals by a sizable portion of the electorate. The polls show an overwhelming desire of the American public to finalize our debacle in Iraq.

This is where understanding the purpose of McCain’s constant apparent ‘confusion’, as well as the double speak that flows out of the WH comes into play. The Republican candidate cannot win the General Election if things stay the way they are.

The need to make ‘Al-Qaeda’ into something it isn’t, to conflate the Iranian ‘threat’ is part of the Republican narrative.

What the Republicans need is some action on the part of those they keep challenging: they are waving a red flag in front of the bull, begging for them to charge. The CIA created ‘Al-Qaeda’ and/or the Ahmadinejad faction within Iran are needed to keep Republicans in power, and operatives inside both networks know that Republicans are more likely to help ensure their maintain political power within the extremist environments they thrive in.

‘Al-Qaeda’ and the Iranians are called out as ‘evildoers’, and like the trained dogs they are, they are bound to respond. These constant invocations are intended, are designed .. to get a ‘response’. These open invitations for these extremist elements to ‘raise their visibility’, to flex the ‘terra’ is just what John McCain and the WH pray for, everyday.

If we do have an attack from these elements, we can thank the filthy Republicans, ALL THE WAY. They’ve had 6 plus years to damage the terror network, and they’ve been given have stolen from the American people  unprecedented power, money and resources to do so.

Next time you see McCain or one of the disgusting WH shills ‘mis-speaking’, think of it more as sending up semaphore signals, an invitation to attack the United States, than as a misake.

It’s the only way Republicans can survive.

It’s the only way John McCain can win the Presidency.


    • shpilk on April 9, 2008 at 4:50 am

    fantasies about ‘terra’ come true, and no doubt there’s some very interested parties in some caves in Waziristan that agree.  

  1. out Petraeus’ and Crocker’s eyes.

    If I was on either commitee, for my question I would have asked, “so how does it feel to be a fucking piece of shit puppet, knowing you are sacrificing our blood and treasure when you support that evil little demented asshole sitting in the White House? What else do you lie about?”

    I guess that’s two questions.

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