To Boycott Or Not?

That is the question

Whether to suffer the slings and arrows of a mad banker

Is the only consideration.

Bush has said that the Olympics are a sporting event not a political event.  Actually it is an economic event.  Why?  How much of our economy does China control?  Oh God, does it control.  So if you were heavily indebted to a banker and he invited you to his wedding, you would go to keep him happy.  So Bush will go to China to keep his lender happy.  There will be NO boycott of the opening ceremony.

Even thought China has a horrible human rights record and it is killing and maiming Tibetans, who just want their country returned to them, but none of that is important to Bush.  The borrower must keep the lender happy at all times.

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  1. I vote yes, boycott. Boycott and divestment were what brought down South Africa. Unless the people of the world start doing something besides wring their hands, Tibet is on its own.

    If you don’t believe me, click on any of the Tibet support groups at the upper right corner of the page and see what they have to say about the Olympics.

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