They say that Sex Sells… We have another buyer!

In the last couple of years, money and power sure have translated into sex when it comes to our National Political and Religious figures.  

First we had Mark (Underage Page) Foley.  I don’t know if he paid anyone anything, but it was certainly his undoing in the end.  He turned the page on his Congressional career, so to speak.

Next up?  President Bush’s spiritual advisor, Reverend Ted Haggard.  

While serving as President of the National Association of Evangelicals, Ted was outed by a male prostitute for snorting meth and having gay sex, like that viewable on sites like 18twink and its contemporaries.  Ted then resigned his “position” as we all know.  

After spending time in teh Gay-hab, three weeks of intensive counseling, the Rev. declared that he was now completely hetrosexual.  The team working those three weeks with Haggard are not unlike Professional Golfers.  Those guys are GOOD!

Moving forward a few weeks, we then find out that Senator David (Diaper Dandy) Vitter’s name shows up on the DC Madame list, where it is learned that he has been frequenting a hooker with the same name as his wife (Wendy) and was wearing diapers as part of his kinky thingy.  

True to Republican form, however, Senator Vitter said that in his defense he always selected the girl who made the lowest bid, so he is fiscally responsible.

In a “backdoor” manner, even John McCain gets a mention, although not for anything he himself was found to be actually doing.

His Florida Campaign Co-Chairman, State Senator Bob Allen was popped by undercover police in a park Men’s Room for asking the guy if Allen could perform oral sex on the undercover cop.  Allen offered to pay the guy $20.00 for these services.  Seems like a win-win, if you’re into that kinda thing.

Then last June, we had Larry (Lavatory) Craig getting busted in the Minneapolis airport for playing footsie with an male undercover police agent in the public Men’s room.  His encounter did not bring about an immediate resume’ update, but it did end his Senate career sooner than he likely would have preferred.  Senator Craig vowed to serve out his term. And when Larry Craig makes a vow, he means it! Okay, well, except for that marriage vow.

Then, it happens!  Not unlike the Boston Red Sox World Series victory in 2004 reversed the Curse of the Babe, Eliot Spitzer’s spending habits of $4300.00 a pop reversed the Curse of the Republicans!  Once again, all due to a Babe.

A Democrat was caught playing their game of “hide the salami somewhere where your spouse will never find it.”

Today, I’m sad to say, not unlike the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series AGAIN in 2007, another known Democrat is AGAIN in hot water for paying for sex.  

The husband of Senator Debbie Stabenow (MI) was caught in a police stakeout of a Residence Inn in Troy, Michigan after visiting a prostitute that was working out of a room there.

Thomas Athens, also owner of TalkUSA Radio and previously the program director of Air America, married Sen. Stabenow in 2003.

Police said they saw him enter the room February 26 and leave 15 minutes later.

Mr. Athens told police that he had paid the 20 year old woman whom he had visited $150.00 for sex.

$150.00?  I’m thinking Eliot Spitzer might want a rebate about now.  Then again, $150.00 for 15 minutes works out to $600.00 per hour.  




I’m either in the wrong business, or…….


What do you think?  

Is it money and power that makes people think they can do these things without reproach?  

Is it just human nature?

Or is it something else?

YOU tell ME…


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    • brobin on April 3, 2008 at 16:04

    on whether power corrupts.  😉

  1. the husband of a Senator into the same group of actual politicians.

    Human nature is what it is. Who knows why people do such things. But, Athens shouldn’t be compared to Spitzer, Craig, etcetera because Athens isn’t a politician. The only reason this story is making the news is because he is married to a popular Senator who has had a squeaky-clean image, and she’s a Democrat. As I mentioned on, this story makes the national news because the Republicans need to fling some poo. They’ve been taking all of the sex scandal heat for a while. Still, he isn’t the person holding office.

    Also, he was neither charged nor arrested for soliciting in the sting. He was just given a ticket for a traffic/car issue. The only reason this seems to have made the news is that someone tipped off our Republican newspaper to file a FOIA about it.

    (P.S. I’m not sure if he actually owns any liberal radio shows now. I think he sold everything off and/or his groups filed bankruptcy).

    Disclosure: She’s actually my Senator, though I have quite a few disagreements with her on issues.

    • Alma on April 3, 2008 at 18:14

    Not only does her husband cheat with prostitutes, he’s quicker than a teenage boy.  Poor Debbie.

    • Robyn on April 3, 2008 at 18:56

    …were highlighted rather than people’s sexual behavior, the world could advance to a better place.

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