Sunday Morning Over Easy

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Today, I want to open by honoring my favorite Deity.

When the Flying Spaghetti Monster makes Rolling Stone Magazine for the Second Time, you have to know there is intelligent life on Earth. (Images from their site, please visit there!)

Is it any wonder when Jimmy Buffett moved from Alabama (a place with notoriously low emissions) he quit singing about Pirates?

In fact, a move to high carbon emission Florida got Buffett singing about Volcanoes. Coincidence? I think not.

…and I quote Pastafarian scripture:

You may be interested to know that global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a direct effect of the shrinking numbers of Pirates since the 1800s.

Sunday Morning Over Easy music choice below the fold.

What Else?

The sea calls me, and so do my Pirate ways….

Enjoy a little Sunday humor and fluff!


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    • Diane G on April 27, 2008 at 14:33
    • Diane G on April 27, 2008 at 14:55

    (since this is a random open thread kind of thread, and I am in a funny mood)

    We were watching Bill Maher last night, when they used Hill’s full name. He says “What’s Rodham?” I answer “Her other last name.”

    He grinned and replied, “It should be Hillary Bottom Clinton!”

    As I start laughing, he adds “Well she is kind of a bottom feeder, Mom.”

    He just turned 9.


  1. subscribe to RS, I love the threat assessments and that stupid comic that they put in the letters  editor section.

    I still like the political writing. When I was younger and cooler, I liked “Spin” but the writing quality never emerged beyond the clever college dude level.

  2. What do you think would happen if FSM and the Invisible Pink

    Unicorn got together??

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