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    • dkmich on April 12, 2008 at 4:54 pm
  1. Honestly I am far, far to the left of Barack. And yet I still enthusiastically support him.

    Why? Beacuse the only way to move our country leftward is by massive social pressure. Obama is making people politically active, bringing youth into the process. IMO that is the only way we are going to build enough pressure on the politicians to really make any progress.

    Great essay.  

  2. He said he admired poppy bush – and raygun for foreign .  sorry disagree.  

    We need a FDR .  

    • justice on April 12, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    can change the status quo, as he says he can.

    No, we need someone much, much stronger than Obama. He has lost many “left” credentials, is wishy washy on the war, voted for so many things that he now condemns (i.e., bush energy policy). And he has already thrown too many people under the bus.

  3. Obama wants to keep troops in Iraq….that’s something no one understand or wants to talk about….He wants to withdraw troops too…..

    Isn’t that nice?

    Well it doesn’t work….

    He wants to continue the war….NOT STOP IT!

    He is a WAR MONGER….he wants to continue George Bush’s policies of eradicating human beings who are Muslim in hope they will destroy America …..that’s intentionally done on Bush’s part and a large segment of the population of the United States that is actively suicidal…..Many Americans for personal or religous reasons simply want to DIE!!!!!!!

    And the RAPTURE is the religous cover or rationalization they use for this….

    So you can see that AMERICA IS MAD!…A very disturbed nation of very mixed up people who aren’t listening or paying attention …..And Obama is the listless representation of an American Public that is oblivous to itself….

    Obama is for MORE WAR….You can’t be against the war…for troop withdrawal and then say we will KEEP SOME TROOPS IN IRAQ to protect the BASES….the BASES??????? and to fight THE INSURGENTS…..the IRaqi people who are understandably trying to get THE GREAT SATAN ….OUT of IRAQ….

  4. I am amazed a comment I made about Obama being a disturbed person is now invisible….

    This nation is disturbed…it’s not just him….Like Germany in the 30’s ….its under a mass dementia….

    And you ban the expression of that.

    Obama is a person who clearly takes bribes as seen with his relationship with Tony Rezko….

    All politicians take bribes….ALL OF THEM….it’s the way things are done….

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