Pony Party, NHL Update

With the first round of the NHL playoffs winding down, and nothing else I really feel like talking about today 😉 …

Eastern Conference

Montreal and Boston play game 7 tonight, 7pm EDT.  Obviously, the series is tied at 3 games each

Pittsburgh (2) swept Ottawa, and advances.  (Ottawa only scored 5 goals in 4 games)

Washington and Philly play game 6 tonight, 7pm EDT.  Philly leads the series 3-2.

NJ lost to the Rangers (5) 4-1.

Western Conference

Detroit (1) bested Nashville 4 games to 2.

San Jose and Calgary play game 7 Tuesday.  Obviously, the series is tied at 3 games each.

Minnesota lost to Colorado (6) 4-2.

Anaheim lost to Dallas (5) in 4-2.  (Anaheim was last-year’s cup winner)

So, how are the intrepid dharmafans doing???

who picked whom? H2D fortschreitend Night Owl undercovercalico 73v
Habs/Bruins Habs-5 Habs-4 Habs-5 Habs-6 Habs-6
Pens/Sens Pens-6 Pens-5 Pens-6 Pens-6 Pens-6/7
Caps/Flyers Caps-5 Flyers-7 Caps-7 Caps-7 Flyers-6
Devils/Rangers NJ-7 NJ-6 NY-7 NY-6 NY-7
Wings/Preds Wings-6 Wings-4 Wings-5 Wings-5 Wings-4
Sharks/Flames SJ-5 SJ-6 SJ-6 Flames-6 SJ-5
Wild/Avs Avs-7 Wild-5 Avs-6 Wild-5 Wild-6/7
Ducks/Stars Ducks-5 Stars-7 Ducks-6 Ducks-6 Ducks-6

This table is getting ridiculously complicated…..we should probably take side bets on how long until i break the blog with it….  😉

Round 1 had 8 series, and 5 have been decided….while the rest of us are 3-for-5 (with bonus points to H2D for picking the correct # of games for detroit/nashville), NightOwl is an impressive 4-for-5!!!  Nice job so far, NightOwl!!!

The first round will go through Tuesday (Philly @ Wash game 7, if necessary, will be tomorrow even though they play tonight)…so Wednesday’s morning pony will probably be about 2nd round picks, for anyone still picking.  



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  1. I am sucking wind on a high climb.

    Good job NightOwl.

    Won’t it be funny if Boston wins since we all bet against them?

    Why did I pick the Flames? Nobody else did.

    I am in for the next round even if it is just to be humbled.

  2. Can I get in on round 2?

    My guesses for first round would have been:

    Habs/Bruins: Habs in 6

    Pens/Sens: Pens in 6 or 7 (wow, was I off!)

    Caps/Flyers Flyers in 7

    Devils/Rangers: Devils in 6 (again, whoa!)

    Wings/Preds: Wings in 5

    Sharks/Flames: Sharks in 5 (and another shocker)

    Wild/Avs: Avs in 6

    Ducks/Stars: Stars in 6

    We were all abuzz at work yesterday, hoping our Hockeytown heroes would finish of the pesky Preds. Nashville played very well, and it was fun hockey to watch… but I’m darn happy my team made it into round 2. I’m hoping we can host the Avalanche next. This town is electric whenever these two teams go up against each other, and trust me, this town could really use a big emotional and economic boost right now.

    I love this time of year. There’s nothing like the NHL playoffs.

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