Pony Party, NHL Playoff Countdown

The matchups are set, and the playoffs start on wednesday.  We’re still on the lookout for an online hosting of playoff pick’em of some sort…time’s ticking…

Speaking of online pick’ems, Undercovercalico won the Docudharma bracket tourney for March Madness….woot!!…even before the championship game (which is tonite).

As of this auto-pub, only one playoff team has any games remaining, and i dont think they can catch the team ahead of them….so i think these are the matchups.  but ive been wrong before…

if we do find a pick’em, we wont have much time to waste…so study up!!  😉  i, for one, will probably post my picks here either way….just to give y’all yet another chance to mock me (like you’ll need one after this table probably breaks the blog again…i swear it is BEAUTIFUL in preview!!)

Eastern Conference
Montreal (1) Boston (8)
Pittsburgh (2) Ottawa (7)
Washinton (3) Philadelphia (6)
New Jersey (4) NY Rangers (5)
Western Conference
Detroit (1) Nashville (8)
San Jose (2) Calgary (7)
Minnesota (3) Colorado (6)
Anaheim (4) Dallas (5)
Home Team (seed) Visiting Team (seed)

(i accidentally auto-pub’d for the wrong time….deleted and re-auto-pub’d…if this posts twice, well, youll have yet another thing to mock me about!!  but sorry if it does…)


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  1. even if we don’t find a pool maybe you and I could make some “Dharma buck” bets. Edger has taken it upon himself to

    produce currency for us.

  2. nephew Adam got the game ball yesterday. i didn’t see it (cause i was in NJ visiting friends). but i understand he had a hell of a game in his travel soccer team. and he was so cool as his parents went on and on… humble even.

    the thing i love about Adam’s playing is his connection to his teammates on the field. he doesn’t hog the ball, he’s a good defender, and he has real flow.

    he’s learning to stop thinking and start playing when the game begins…  

  3. over the Habs in the finals.

    1st round series to watch:

    3 Caps v 6 Flyers (Caps in 7)

    5 Stars v 4 Ducks (Ducks on 6)

    3 Wild v. 6 Avs (Avs in 6 – upset special).

    I’m also picking the Rangers to beat the Devils (in 7), which just goes to show how little you should trust any of these picks.

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