Pony Party, Lazy Day

What are YOU doing today?

I’m going to start my day by e-mailing this piece to everyone I know (some will be getting it twice).  It’s about John McCain.  It’s called “Bigotry, Apology, Repeat As Necessary”.  An excerpt:

Also in 2000, McCain insulted Asians. “I hate the gooks,” John McCain hissed, “and I will hate them for as long as I live…and you can quote me.” After a few days of negative press attention, he took it back: “I apologize and renounce all language that is bigoted and offensive, which is contrary to all that I represent and believe.”

That shouldn’t take too long.  A lot of my friends don’t even have computers…

After that, I think I’ll send this letter to all of my elected representatives, encouraging them to add their voice to Amnesty International’s Counter Terror With Justice campaign.


In its so-called “war on terror”, the US government has used practices that are prohibited under international law. These include secretly transferring terror suspects to locations where they have faced torture and other ill-treatment, enforced disappearances and indefinite detention without charge.

The US detention centre at Guantánamo is a symbol of this illegality. Despite international condemnation and the US government’s own stated wish to close Guantánamo, six years after detentions began at the base, many detainees languish there in cruel, inhuman and degrading conditions.

(btw, I’ve already signed the pledge at tearitdown.org…have you??)

After a light lunch and some even lighter housework, I think I’ll spend the afternoon playing around on WikiCandidate 08…until the kids get home from school…or until I get too depressed about other people’s ideal president.  Still, someone’s got to be there to ‘update’ the wingnuttia, no?



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  1. i just said yesterday in Magnifico’s 4@4 that would should start e-mailing stories and essays that clearly (at least by our perception) break down the values people think they’re voting for…

    wouldn’t it be nice to actually have a media that would take a look-see, for example, at Exxon Mobil and what it’s done with the biggest profit of any US company in history…

    like, did the working grunts get better benefits or are they paying more for them? did they get more salary or stagnant wages? how much did they pay in taxes? do they have any outstanding taxes? did they get even more tax breaks? how much of those profits went to top tier management and stockholders. how much went into R&D to lower impact of CO2

    as gas prices goes up, people lose jobs, health benefits, homes… and they see a story like this, it might just shake some shit loose.

  2. At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.

    —from some great American statesman, Jefferson or Lincoln, I think

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