Pony Party, Beltane

Blessings to all on May Day*, known in traditional Celtic cultures as Beltane

*due to the leap year, and the tradition of evenly spacing the sabbats across the calendar, “May Day” falls in April this year.

Traditions vary, but Beltane is generally known as the beginning of the summer season.  Bonfires are lit, and different cultures have different traditions of May-pole dancing, fire-jumping, fire-walking, and the like.  The focus of such practices is on purification and transformation….and, of course, fertility.  The rebirth of nature is reflected in Green Man rituals.  Winter’s chills are driven out by fire, and life in all of its forms is rejuvenated and celebrated.

Beltane Invocation:

This is the day of shining

Leaf and shoot and bud are new

In the goddess’s hands newly made

Are Air and Water, Earth and Fire

Here we tread the tread of spring

In our hearts may we be new

In our minds may there be light

In our spirits we rejoice

It is spring of every year

Of every day, of every hour

Of every minute is infinite

All time in spring is blessed

In every shoot the life increase

In every day the life grow strong

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

So mote it and most blessed be!


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    • Temmoku on April 30, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Thanks…I needed all these pick-me-ups!

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