Obama Message Coopted by Pollution Front Group

($35 cool million spent to take us further down the rabbit hole – promoted by pfiore8)

The Astroturf Organization Formerly Known As ABEC has come out with a doozy of a first ad.

In the battle to protect our future, the alphabet list of astroturf organizations working to undercut a habitable tomorrow is an ever-growing soup.  Tracking the  $35 million+ associated with “Americans for Balanced Energy Choices provided easily full-time employment for some dedicated people.

Perhaps, these astroturfers felt some pressure.  Recently formed, just in time for Earth Day, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

When you hear/see that term, think Clear Skies and other Bushisms … “Clean Coal” is a euphemism for Sort-of Less Dirty Coal, Somewhat Less Polluting Coal, Supposedly Less Deadly Coal.

What is impressive about ACCCE?   For me, two things:

1.  The amazing brazeness of transforming one astroturfing organization into the other, as if somehow those watching the “clean coal” mafia will be dumbfounded by the change.

2.  The brazeness of their advertising piggybacking on other’s work.

Notice anything about this?

“I believe …” … “We can …” Anyone notice a similarity with a current political campaign?

Now, I want to make sure that people don’t feel left out, after all there is another campaign on which this piggybacks.

“We will do this …”

Anyone notice a similarity with an effort to mobilize the public on global warming issues?

Brazen. No?

Grist covered this with ABEC is dead, but long live coal.  From that story, which covered an interview with ACCCE‘s President, Stephen Miller.  In an interview, Miller “lent his support to a cap on emissions.” Perhaps most terrifying, what do we think is the impact of that $35 million?

We’ve spent a lot of money on t-shirts, trucks, and advertising to affect the primary campaign, and it’s working.

T-shirts and sponsoring the Presidential debates clearly has influence on confusing the realities of Supposedly Less Deadly Coal.

Hat tip to Plutonium Page at DeSmogBlog.


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  3. I can’t help but to throw this in  —  Cheney at the Radio Correspondents’ Dinner, exemplifying the sublime ignorance, or choice of it, with regard to global warming.

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