Now! Just for you! Your own $3-trillion shopping spree!

We asked recently what you would rather have than a war.

Now, from Brave New Films, an easy, amusing way to make those choices:

The occupation of Iraq will cost $3 trillion, America’s most expensive conflict since WWII.

Can YOU spend that money better?

Here’s your chance to go on a virtual $3 trillion shopping spree and prove it!

Browse our online store, fill up your cart, click the checkout button, and send virtual gifts to everyone you know.

A private island fortress? Healthcare for all? Anything you can imagine, and if you can’t find it, add it yourself!

Watch the video, then load up your cart here.  


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  1. except maybe some cash to pay the utilities.

    Can I give it to those who have nothing instead?

  2. a heart for dick cheney

    a brain for george w. bush

    a soul for don rumsfeld

    with the leftover change, i’d reserve a chartered jet to fly them off to guantanamo bay, after their trials at The Hague…

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