No Backs, No Bras,

just young men and women protesting the war.

In my first ever photo diary.

A couple days ago, I covered the Two War Criminals For The Price Of One protest in Kent, Connecticut. When Glenn Koetzer of the Iraq Moratorium: Cornwall Edition sent me some photographs of the demonstration, I was surprised–to say nothing of delighted–at how many young people had showed up during a weekday to stand against the war-mongering tagteam of Henry Kissinger and George W. Bush.

My most recent piece continued in the same celebratory vein, only younger still. I shared the discovery I had just made that some fifth grade students at the Fratney School in Milwaukee, who’ve been regulars at the Third Friday Iraq Moratorium actions there, have their own website as Kids Against the War.

I sure hope this youth trend in the anti-war movement accelerates–check out the pix and you will too.

Kent, CT, 4/25, Anti-Bush Protest:

4/25 Kent--GK3

4/25 Kent--GK2

4/25 Kent--GK1

[Photos by Glenn Koetzer. More here]

Milwaukee, WI, 4/18, Moratorium Day #8:

MD#8 Milwaukee-sidewalk 2

MD#8 Milwaukee-sidewalk 1

MD#8  Milwaukee-bullhorn

[Photos by Sue Ruggles.]

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    • dennis on April 28, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    let me point out that I got my title from this post of kestrel9000’s.

  1. But instead you put up more wonderful pics!!  Good job!

    Hope this doesn’t get lost because of the title  😉

  2. Most of the consumer culture drones in this country won’t, so it’s always encouraging to see photoessays like yours, dennis.

    Thank you.

    • OPOL on April 30, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    zat you brother?

    Nice diary regardless.

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