Most Pathetic Headline I Can Remember

Pope Says Church Will Not Allow Pedophile Priests

Talk about infallible!


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  1. Bush is the John Paul as Cheney is to Rattzinger.

    One thing everyone must remember is that Rattzinger was the leading force in covering up the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

    Bill Mahrer said it best last week:

    You molest 100 kids, you are cult. You molest 100,000, you get  a parade.

  2. attended Catholic school until booted out as a heretic , I got to say most clericals are really messed up behind sex. My religion teacher started each class with a cheer that went “What do we Hate, girls ” and we would shout SIN. Sin mainly meant tempting men to wicked sexual thoughts by showing your bare armsand such. I’m sure they feel that those cute alter boys just tempted them with their wicked charms.  

  3. Pope Expresses Deep Shame Over Priests’ Sexual Abuse

    But, as long as they go to confession, all will be well.

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