It’s About Freaking Time!


ABC is the network that BROKE the story of the Torture Conspiracy for gawds sake. But somehow, in spite of the efforts of non-Villagers….the subject never came up.

Scandalous, scandalous in two senses of the word. I the sense that it is a scandal that our nation’s discourse is set by these self-interested, self important circus clowns….and in the sense that they are more interested in scandal that anything substantive. Anything that could actually help our nation, which is increasingly in need of help, thanks in large part to vacuous, idiotic blowhards like these and the other member of our “press” and non-intelligentsia.

Intead as the good folks over at Crooks and Liars put it  You’re HURTING America!

Stop it. Now.

Remember what your job is, journalism, not gotchaism.

Remember your responsibility to intelligently question those in power, to inform and educate your viewers. Remember your integrity. Or at least the last place you saw it.


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    • brobin on April 17, 2008 at 21:25

    weapons of mass destruction.  Perhaps we should send in the troops to try to bring down their regime.

  2. Personally, I think the most effective means to stop the corporate media — at least television/cable/radio — is to simply stop consuming their product.

    Like with any addiction, quitting is difficult. Especially since we Americans are hooked on television and radio before we are born. We can hear the propaganda from inside our mother’s womb.

    Turn off the television. Turn off the radio. The less we consume, the less impact they have. Ignore them.

    As a substitute, I suggest books from the library, blogs, and independent or foreign newspapers. Right now, my favorite newspaper is The Guardian.

    There is plenty of bread and circus available to distract ourselves without partaking in American corporate media.

  3. and that debate last night was mine. Don’t know why it was this moment, but I haven’t been so fucking angry in a very long time.

    This is getting to be a habit, but once again, Hunter nailed it today (only this time I check your links buhdy and didn’t see it LOL).  

  4. giving “us” the finger.   I’ve been disgusted with ABC since they aired their WH propaganda piece The Path to 9/11. Many people were outraged and contacted ABC’s advertisers-so ABC decided to air the propaganda without commercials.  

    They gave us all the finger then.  And they did it again last night.  IMHO, Melody Townsel is right on target with her analysis:

    “…We all agree that last night’s so-called debate was execrable. We all agree that the nation should collectively hold ABC’s feet to the fire…But we’re not talking about what actually happened last night. What it all means. What ABC’s performance underscores in spades…”

    “…Last night? Last night was the collective establishment on both sides of the aisles telling we, the people, to go fuck ourselves…”

    “…Last night, the people who consider themselves to be the true “elites” of this nation began stepping up their game, showing us what Obama — and we — should start to expect if we keep pushing a candidacy that they can’t control…Last night, people who truly believe they’re better and more important than the rest of us told us to step the hell off…”

    I think that if we are going to defeat them, we have to understand them.  They aren’t going to give up their power and go gently into humanitarian endeavors.  We can’t defeat them by traditional methods of protest.  ABC is part of their propaganda machine and they’ll run it at a loss if they must, part of the cost of keeping their power.  

    I don’t know if trying to change or chastise them will make much difference–it didn’t when they aired the 9/11 Propaganda.  (But that didn’t stop me from e-mailing them my opinion of their “journalism”) They don’t care.  I think we’ve just got to keep countering the lies, and smears–& maybe keep researching and getting the all the inconvenient truths about St. McCain out in the open.  


  5. Imagine that…though she neglects to mention that they also talked about Rev.Wright, Flag Pins, bittergate, and Bill Ayers for the first hour…oh, and there was the question on her Bosnia lie.

    Dear Darthstar,

    Last night, Senator Obama and I had the chance to express some substantive differences on issues that affect people’s lives every day: the war in Iraq, the mortgage crisis, Social Security, and rising gas prices.

    I know when I stand up at a debate like last night, I’m speaking not just for myself, but for everyone who has supported me in this race. I know I wouldn’t be here without you, and I can’t tell you how proud I am to stand with you.

    This race should be decided on the merits of our ideas — not the size of our campaign coffers. This race is still tight because people are responding to our shared values and vision. It’s so close that a contribution you make today could be the difference between winning and losing.

    If you missed the debate last night, click here to watch my closing statement and contribute today to help me win.

    Thank for all you do.



    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  6. did I slip and fail humanity by calling American M$M Lamestream media when in reality only the highest and most respected of Satan’s minions get to even participate in what does into everything transmitted in the English language 24/7.

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